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A great blog in Ocala, Ocala Daily Photo

I just love ocala dailyphoto blog, it has the most scenic and beautiful everyday photos in and around Ocala. The blogger takes photos of everyday ordinary structures or sites in and around Ocala and makes them extraordinary. Check out this beautiful blog. Best photography blog about Ocala.

Stormy Skies of Ocala Fl old victorian in town


Growing cooking herbs, plants and flowers

I love growing flowers from seeds I think its a lot easier than buying a plant already growing in the pot because you can start from scratch and and you know what has been added to the soil to get the plants off to the right start. I use soil with plant food already in it, I add coffee grounds often to the soil. Every month I add plant food to all of the plants and when planting seeds or plants, I add black gold manure and compost to the soil. Hand water plants every two days, lately have been lucky with the rain which helps a lot during these hot temperatures.

Okra and peppers in my veggie oasis 2011

I was born and raised in NYC, NY so I am not a person who has a real green thumb. In fact everytime, I got some plants they would die off within a week.  As I searched the web for free tips, I started to develop my own routine on how to save and grow plants. I have a mix of flowers and started to take a chance on starting a veggie garden.    Here are some of the photos from my garden,

Amateur photography in Ocala

I am teaching myself photography so forgive me if some photos off center, Ocala is so scenic even bad photos look good.

Walking around Ocala town square

Driving around Ocala and admiring some of the sites around the town square.   I am originally from New york so when I drive around Ocala, I am just in awe of the scenic beauty in and around ocala. The sites are amazing and postcard like scenic views. I love driving through the town square area along silver springs blvd.

Gainesville, Fl first in nation to buy electricity from its clients

In Gainesville, Florida the local utility company is operating a pilot program which if successful, will be implemented statewide or even nationally. Some clients place solar panels on their roofs create energy which goes directly into the Utility Companies energy grid and these clients are actually profiting by selling the electricity back at a higher rate to the Utility Companies. This is a first test program, any where in the nation and it already has some clients taking part in this program. Read the article at and read the details. Many opportunities for utility consumers to create thier own energy and resell to the utility companies at a profit which in turn resells energy created less expensively to other consumers locally and nationally. How great is that!