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Niagara Falls photos from Canadian and NY Borders

These are photos of Niagara Falls when I went on a trip tour that included Canadian and NY tour. The three day tour included a stay at Niagara Falls NY and Toronto, Canada for one night at each city. Images include the CN tower, the highest floor has a glass floor that people could stand on and look straight down.  I sure didn't, all I saw was a piece of glass under my feet that was hundreds of stories when looking downwards and decided not to look down. Waterfall on Canadian side, loud thundering noise of water rushing drowns out any speaking Famous Maid of the Mist boat tour, the moisture in the air very strong and waterdrops spray everywhere on the boat ride especially. Beautiful Niagara have to visit to really appreciate true natural beauty. This is one of the parks on Canadian side says Niagara Parks CN Tower in Toronto,  the top of this tower is circular but part of the floor is made out of glass, so the tourists can stand on it and look straight d

Save money by preparing foods instead of buying prepackaged

There are ways to save money from a weekly food budget without cutting back on your favorite foods, prepackaged foods cost more than foods that the consumer has to prepare from scratch, examples include canned fruits and vegetables, frozen dinners, baked goods and frozen entrees. These items save on time, but the prices can be higher in cost overall when you add it up monthly. Pantry items that should be staples that include flour, dry milk, yeast, sugars, cornmeal, cocoa powder, and baking spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, and ginger. Vanilla, lemon, almond and peppermint extracts are good to flavor cookies and candies. There are so many online recipes to make donuts, cookies, cakes and chocolate, to name a few items that can be made from scratch without paying the premium. My favorite sites are, and Many name brand companies have their own websites that offer receipes such as bettycrocker, pillsbury, dole, goya, and wholesale