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Ways to Save on Education

There are many ways to save on education by searching online and learning with free online courses.  These free online courses do not offer degrees or certification but they do teach the latest technology courses such as coding with different computer languages such as  .  Many courses offer free software training and job search etiquette, an example is the Goodwill Community Foundation at  .    Harvard and MIT along with many other Ivy league schools offer free online courses even a certificate of completion, that is with a minimal fee. The site is .  These courses can aid in teaching a new skill set and enhancing current college courses to obtain a college degree.  Learning for free is the best way to save on education costs and to improve chances of promotion within current position.  The more skills bought to a company or business the better it is for that overall businesses success.  Learn at your own pace and pass along the k

Pine Run Estates Photos

Nice photos around the Pine run estates area, very beautiful 55+ Community located off highway 200 corridor.  This community is located about two blocks away from Top of The World and Friendship Center.

Save Money by making dresser into vanity

I found this great blog article on how to reuse vintage dresser and turn into a unique one of a kind bathroom vanity. This beautiful vanity was on the houzz website.  Just amazing old dresser made into great vanity Traditional Bathroom by Portland Kitchen & Bath Designers Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Beautiful Display ideas with vintage pieces

There are so many ways of using beautiful vintage items as displays in a home, or a small business.  By creating small vignettes the buyer could get ideas on how to reuse their own similar vintage items to decorate their own home or business.  At the same time, it creates a beautiful environment at the home or at the business location that can attract visitors at locations or online.  Pinterest has so many amazing ideas on how to display vintage items beautifully and creatively,  here is one idea of their site.

2-liter soda bottles used as boot shapers

Don't throw away those 2 liter soda bottles, if you have boots that are knee length or higher, use a pair of these bottles to insert inside the boots so that the leg part is upright and does not lose its shape. Now you have free boot shapers, and you have managed to keep bottles out of landfills.   This is only one creative way to reuse plastic bottles and its inexpensive.  There are many home organization shops that sell boot shapers for around the 29.00 to 39.00 dollar range.

Regulation Vacation for the anti-government crowd

This video is funny and is directed to the anti government crowd, maybe they might rethink about government not being so bad after all.