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Another Year Over and a New one's just begun

Remember these iconic words from John Lennon's song War is Over.   Ironically, American troops are out of Afghanistan;only a few left.  These words so true in meaning as we bid adieu to the old year and welcome in, the new year.  May this new year bring happiness, hope, and success for dreams being realized for 2015; for everyone. Related articles Photos: On this day - Dec. 8, 1980 - John Lennon assassinated The perception of time

Why Democrats lost the election battle but not the 2016 war

Why Democrats lost the election battle but not the 2016 war Republicans are happy because they have the power that they have craved for so long. The 2014 Democratic electorate voted for more gridlock and disfunction in government; by electing to stay home and not vote. This 2014 election was a midterm election which is historically bad for Democrats since many vote only during the presidential elections. Another very important factor in the Republicans victory was that most of the senate seats that were up for re-election were mainly in red states; all of these states that elected Republicans went for Romney in 2012, so most of these voters never supported Obama or the Democrats policies. There were three blue states that the Senate and governorships went Republican due to lack of Democratic voter turnout, and the Democratic party taking for granted electorate of these states of being historically Democratic. Republicans had a lot of dark money in these elections to get the

Visiting The Bronx & Yonkers

My younger sister's wedding in NYC is on November 15th 2014, my dad and I are in town as part of wedding party.  Happy and estatic about upcoming wedding, my sister is marrying a nice guy.   Some photos of areas in Bronx and yonkers area in NYC.  

American voters like dysfunction GOP voted in 2014.

Image This is my article on how american voters rewarded the obstructionist party for sabotaging the presidency and the democratic party by purposely not doing nothing for four years.  I think this article is a reflection of the american voter, we say we want a good economy, job creation, and a good direction for the country, yet we reward Republicans who have purposely made sure Congress did not function.   Incredible.  Now that the Republicans have the House and Senate, they will take credit for the economy and at the same attempt to pass the same old Reagan 1980s economic model and undo all of the growth.  Speaker Ted Cruz will take over for Mitch  McConnell and Boehner to create some bogus charge to impeach Obama.   Two years of nothing being done and blaming the president for it;  that is what this mid term election has fostered.  Kentuckians voted for a man they hate and who will remove Konnect health insurance, but that i

Free Museum Days or Pay What You Wish - NYC-ARTS

Free Museum Days or Pay What You Wish - NYC-ARTS         Today I am on a museum kick, I have lived in NYC, Puerto Rico and now Ocala and I love museums.  Here is a list of museums in NYC which are free or of very low cost for visitors and tourists.  It is good to know that in an expensive city like NYC, you can find many things to do for free or of very little cost. NYC never sleeps nor does the dynamic energy an pulse of the city that is a mecca for things to do all the time.   Take a chance if in  the NYC area and explore museums in NYC and outer boroughs.  DONT FORGET TO HAVE FUN!

The Car Hobby: Volkyland - A Volkswagen Museum in Puerto Rico

The Car Hobby: Volkyland - A Volkswagen Museum in Puerto Rico : If your passions include air-cooled Volkswagens, Volkyland should definitively be in your bucket list! Tucked away in the Southwestern coas...     Another different and unique car enthusiast museum found in Puerto Rico. Related articles Puerto Rico's other coast: 'An easier life' Volkswagen recalls 38,000 cars due to potential fire risk

Coffee Museum in Ciales Puerto Rico

An interesting new museum in Ciales Puerto Rico about history of coffee industry in Puerto Rico

The importance of voting in November 2014

This November 2014 is an important mid term election because it will determine who will hold the Senate and Congress. There is a strong possibility of Conservatives winning both houses, it is more than likely that President Obama will be impeached on a trumped up charge.  The media has been dictating to its viewers that the polls are against the Democrats because most of the seats up for election are in red states.  The constant messaging of the media telling viewers that Democrats are going to lose is driving down the Democratic candidates in recent polls, who were once ahead in the polls. Many voters think that voting in the presidential elections are enough; American voters don't realize that the President does not have sole power in legislating.  Congress and the Senate share power with the President creating a checks and balance system to make sure no one branch of government becomes too powerful.  Voters that are engaged in politics vote during the mid terms, because they

Some where over the rainbow

On a rainy predawn, an orange light comes through my window.  the glow of the colors warming my face as the rain drops sound fainter and fainter.  I look out my window and find a hint of an outline of an arc in the sky right over my neighbors home.   I had to get that unbelievable image, I hadn't seen a rainbow since I was a kid in the Bronx at Orchard Beach.  I thought it was cool back then when I tried to run to it to reach it, of course I was six.

Old vintage car in lot

In and around Ocala, Florida there are    many old vintage cars driving around. Once a year these cars are showcased to vintage car enthusiasts.   here is one great car 

Anonymous Works: 19th Century Folk Art Doll

Anonymous Works: 19th Century Folk Art Doll : Sold for $1,000.00 at Carlsen Gallery. This blog is all about Antiques, which you have to love.  Whether some items are regarded as antiques, collectibles or thrift treasures.  Amazing photos

21 Rosemary Lane: Elegant 4 Layer Carrot Cake

21 Rosemary Lane: Elegant 4 Layer Carrot Cake : I've been making this cake for about a year now and I have to say that it may look like a complex dessert but in all actualit... Have to check out this amazing carrot cake recipe, I love carrot cake

Why does the religion of Islam attract evil people who commit Terrorism

This title is long and I was wording the title as to not to offend or provoke anti Islam rhetoric, but as an observer and a person who doesn't desire any evil intent towards any one. I wonder and ask myself, why is it that people that like to kill, rape, and torture use the religion of Islam to commit Terrorism. With the recent, growth of ISIS and the horrible beheadings of the two innocent American journalists, Foley and Solklof; Americans woke up to another evil Terrorist group using Islam as the inspiration to create an Islamic state. A Qaida has broken up into different groups like Al Nusrah Front, the Taliban and Al Shabaab, Ansar al Shari'a, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah just to name a few. These groups get destroyed and then pop up again; after they break up into independent groups with more funding from their wealthy sponsors. Why is Islam attracting so much distortion of their religion by extremists? This question is important for Americans and the West to unders

Travel USA campaign part III

This is part three of my stimulus idea for small town rural America to start a Travel USA campaign in the spirit of the "made in America series".   Manufacturing jobs are slowly coming back to America but not fast enough and unfortunately not in all of the original products created here.   America is becoming more of a service oriented business society, meaning that many jobs are being created in industries that can't be sent abroad such as restaurants, shops, car repair and health care.  Many of these jobs are low paying because of the supply of out of work Americans.  Americans need to create their own small businesses, the creation of independent business owners opening in their towns is what is needed to create economic growth.  There has to be less bureaucracy for small business owners and inventors to create, apply for patents and manufacture their own new products for job creation in America.   Immigration reform is one way this economy can be repaired, many of

The michael brown case is one; and why it will keep happening?

Michael Brown, one of many black men shot down in the streets unarmed. There is an epidemic in the US, and there is a backlash to a changing America. This scenario will continue because of the inherent racism in this nation; the stereotypes that are perpuated from both sides of the aisle. The self segregation of our neighborhoods and the lack of understanding and empathy of realizing that all people regardless of race and social class have value in this society. Until these issues are addressed we will continue to see unarmed black men shot in the street. Racism is a cancer destroying our nation rooted deep in the recess of slavery. One race of people owned another race of people for over 300 years in the Americas. The years of reconstruction and Jim Crowe laws allowed African Americans to be discriminated and be treated less than human in the South and mid west. The civil rights era of the 1960s granted protections from the federal government to regions of the country

Recycle linen blind slats into a fullsize head board cover

how to create a linen blind headboard cover I made a headboard cover from clean linen vertical blind slats. These blind slats were from windows that were sill length. These blind slats are being used directly over the old wooden head board to create a beautiful contemporary cover. The items needed are the following; A stapler, and used old vertical linen fabric blind slats. The size of the blind slats used in this project was from a 57 inches x 63 inch length window. These linen vertical blind slats were folded; about twenty were used for a full size head board. The first step is to prepare the vertical blinds, the ends of both blind slats have metal pieces that have to be removed. The only object remaining should be the linen blinds; take one end of one blind and staple the two ends together to make a long length blind. Create eight long blinds for the horizontal length of rectangular head board The first long blind piece should be placed around the head board with

How to keep your password safe

Russian Hacker gangs have stolen more than 420 billion passwords from well known sites.  The internet has a growing threat of hackers from China and Russia that have government supporting these gangs into finding vulnerabilities in the US infrastructure and banking  system. Americans have to find a method to protect their passwords because of these hackers that find a way into your computer. Sometimes, the information is stolen by simply logging on to well known retail online; a recent example was the hacking into eBay a few months ago.   There are methods of protecting your password and here are some tips: The first tip is very difficult but it is the best option to protect your password;  change your password often; every month. By constantly changing your password, hackers will have a difficult time getting into your system even if you purchase online using well known retail sites.  Tip number two is in using internet browsers like Google that have a two step verificatio

Washington post commentors on Siberian crater story unbelievable

Sceince and technology has been politicized by the GOP conservatives whose anti science stance is generated by fuel fossil lobbyists and companies that contribute to their political funds.  Ignoring climate change and science is not the way to deal with the changes happening in our World.   I was reading the Washington Post story on scientists knowing what has caused the Siberian craters opening in Russia.   The story was alarming and points to climate change; according to the scientists, the permafrost in Siberia had melted which was holding the Siberian landscape together.  This huge crater has opened and released methane gas which in turn is heating up the atmosphere; therefore heating up the planet.  The scientists say they want to do more testing to be sure of theory, but the ground is still opening more; they claim that they hear the running water under the ground and more of the land falling into crater.   I was reading some of the comments from the Washington Post under the s

We are not in kansas anymore; Good GOP wins, really?

Something tells us we are not in Kansas anymore; Senator Pat Roberts wins over tea party or so they say; to tell you the truth can't tell the difference between traditional GOP over tea Party since both are the same.   Governor Brown back has destroyed the state of Kansas with the extreme Tea Party leadership and building a tax free state.   Since he has been in office, schools have closed down, teachers and students uprooted from their district schools,  billions in debt, poor job creation and their bond rating has gone down.   The economy is so bad that even over 100 GOP local Kansas legislature representatives are voting for the Democrat Paul Davis  in  this Governors race, unreal.  You know its really bad when your party is voting against you in elections 2014.   This is a wake call for America, this is the Reaganomics national GOP model of no taxes, no regulations, extreme conservatism;  and it has been an economic and social experiment failure.   America under George Bush

Solution to Israeli Gaza Bloodshed

What has to be done to stop the Israeli Gaza Conflict The only solution to this conflict is to call for the destruction of Hamas; because this Terrorist organization is not a honest broker for peace. In a recent TV interview a reporter asked the leader of Hamas, the question "will you recognize the state of Israel and he said "No". The UN and the US brokered a three day cease fire for humanitarian aid for the Palestinians; and  Hamas used this cease fire to commit a suicide bomber attack on Israeli soldiers and kill four soldiers during the first hours of the cease fire. Hamas knew that the Israeli's were going to destroy the tunnels as negotiated and were laying in wait for the soldiers. Hamas used the cease fire to plan an attack on Israeli's; how can Israel trust any negotiated cease fire now?  Hamas in Spanish means "Never"  my guess is that in Arabic it means the same; since Arabs controlled Spain for over 700 years before the crusades. Th

Give America a stimulus

A few days ago I posted the first of a series of blog posts on how small towns should start a campaign to attract tourism to small town America to give our US economy a local boost.   If ABC could start the "Made in America" campaign which successfully has created jobs without the help of dysfunctional GOP led House in Congress; than Americans can do the same with generating ideas on how to create a vibrant economy in their small towns.  If the town doesn't have a tourist attraction, create an annual event that will drive visitors to your town.  If your town is in a suburb of a big city, attempt to create social media buzz about your town's unique history, local museums, shopping districts, offer discounts and organize travel packages that include hotel, travel to and from airport and any other incentives for tourists looking for great vacation at bargain prices.  The rise of social media can create a great avenue for small towns to promote their events for free; li

Collecting vintage jewelry as a hobby

I love finding old vintage antique jewelry at estate sales, yard sales and on eBay.  When shopping online for vintage jewelry it is best to shop from reputable well known websites such as Ruby Lane, Tias,  Tocadero, and shop goodwill.  Vintage jewelry from different era's are really old gems, many pieces are intricate with the art nouveau period, and art deco era from 1920s to 1940s.  Design is very streamlined, bold and geometric in design.  There are many different periods of jewelry designs in history, a lot of times the jewelry will tell its age because of the design and the wear on it.   Beware of fakes on the market from China;  it is better to shop on well known online antique shops, not the auction sites. On auction sites there is a small risk of jewelry being reproductions; if purchasing for only private collection it would be risky but okay.  If you are purchasing vintage jewelry as a reseller than the jewelry should be verified as original piece regardless of price.