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The politicazation of vaccines and masks

   Why are there 80 million Americans unvaccinated and why is there such an aversion to wearing masks?  The answer is simple there is so much disinformation out there that many Americans believe social media or news platforms like fox news and newsman which spread disinformation.  Covid vaccine has become political even though Americans have been getting vaccines for   over a hundred years such as polio , flu, measles and other vaccines.  Why is covid different ?  It started when Donald trump refused to wear a mask and caught covid.   He said it was like the flu even though he had expensive treatment to treat his covid that regular Americans wouldn't have access to.  Republicans started to follow his lead and hence it became political.   Nevermind the more than 648,000 Americans that have died from covid despite this number the covid deniers won't vaccinate causing the virus to mutate into the delta variant.  These millions are spreading covid to vaccinated people and children

Daytona beach trip

Life's a box of chocolates  Did you know that Daytona Beach was where the first Daytona nascar races were held in the 1910s before being moved to present location. On the boardwalk there are plaques about the history of Daytona Beach which is fascinating. Have to go there to enjoy the history and scenery. Here are some photos from trip.