Save with Ebates

 Ebates is a great money saving tool for shoppers that shop online, I signed up about two years ago.  I earned less than 20.00 because I kept forgetting to log on to the Ebates site first before shopping online.  Ebates is easy and free to use, simply register, then click on the stores that are on the site.  Ebates has virtually every store available, links in many different categories that include travel and restaurants. 

If you want to shop on Ebay, type the store on the search bar and some links appear.  Click on the link and a small screen will appear with your Ebates ticket and it will take you to the homepage of the store you select.  Once you have completed and paid for an order then it will show up in about four to six weeks on your Ebates account. 

If you shop online a lot, you will get cash back, not to mention the instant savings, with online promo codes, and coupons.  There is a category under restaurants that offer coupons and discounts at local area establishments.  There are many ways to save money with Ebates, in addition to earning revenue and a chance to win an IPad. 

Register on Ebates for free and get the free details.  registering is FREE no membership fees, if you don't find the store you shop in, type it in the search bar, this site has virtually every store online.


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