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Stormy Skies of Ocala Fl old victorian in town


Growing cooking herbs, plants and flowers

I love growing flowers from seeds I think its a lot easier than buying a plant already growing in the pot because you can start from scratch and and you know what has been added to the soil to get the plants off to the right start. I use soil with plant food already in it, I add coffee grounds often to the soil. Every month I add plant food to all of the plants and when planting seeds or plants, I add black gold manure and compost to the soil. Hand water plants every two days, lately have been lucky with the rain which helps a lot during these hot temperatures.

Okra and peppers in my veggie oasis 2011

I was born and raised in NYC, NY so I am not a person who has a real green thumb. In fact everytime, I got some plants they would die off within a week.  As I searched the web for free tips, I started to develop my own routine on how to save and grow plants. I have a mix of flowers and started to take a chance on starting a veggie garden.    Here are some of the photos from my garden,