Sunday, June 28, 2020

Why won't you wear a mask in public?

Why won't you wear a mask in public? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as the expression goes.  President Trump refuses to wear a mask in public so many of his supporters follow his lead.
There are many who follow conspiracy theories such as the 5g conspiracy where people believe that the coronavirus is a fake illness designed to distract the people from the development of broadband technology designed to spy on us.  Nevermind that over 100,000 people have died, but to the conspiracy nuts out there big brother is out there. 
Finally, people don't like being told what to do even if its for the public health.  They start talking about their amendment rights which many probably couldn't recite on their own but manage to invoke.
Coronavirus doesn't know politics nor the Constituion it kills republicans and democrats alike. 
Trump is trying to revive economy to save his presidency at any costs especially by ignoring the coronavirus.   Southern states that opened without the coronavirus data are now feeling the rise of coronavirus in their states.  Florida has risen in coronavirus cases and still governor DeSantis refused to require a mask mandate.  Politics at work since Trump won't wear a mask he refuses to mandate it afraid to alienate Trumpers. 
We need common sense again we need to stop the spread of the virus and we need to come together in spite of ideologies.  People need to take this illness seriously and they need to wear their masks. 
There should be no politics involved in mask wearing nor should people be shamed by nonwearing masks morons who want to endanger themselves and for what ideology. 
We need to wear masks and wash our hands to survive this if not this virus can overtake our society and wipe out millions if it continues to grow.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Holy land in belleview fl

I visited Holy land in belleview fl still under construction very nice place to visit here is a photo

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Is thrifting safe in the age of covid 19

During this pandemic of covid19 many norms that Americans enjoyed have forever changed such as thrift shopping. 
We have to ask the question is it safe to buy thrift preowned items in the age of covid 19.   In my opinion I think it can be safe if we follow the strict cleansing regiment for many of the thrift items that can be washed and disinfected with bleach.
There are some items that are preowned might be excluded such as shoes, and undergarments if they can't be washed well.

1.  Some items that can be thrifted is clothing such as jeans, blouses, skirts, dresses, pant suits and any other clothing.  These items should be laundered according to the directions on label and should use detergent that includes clorox to safely launder the clothes.

2. Handbags if they are leather they should be wiped down with a Lysol wipe gently just to disinfect.  Use leather cleaner to clean leather.  If cloth handbags they can be washed in the washing machine.

3. Toys can be washed if plastic or rubber by using disinfectants or bleach with hot water.  If a plush toy it could be washed in the washing machine unless the condition is not good .

4. Furniture is the easiest and safest item to thrift during covid 19 because all you have to do is wipe it down with disinfectant and water and then use furniture cleaner.  Furniture is usually refinished or upcycled usually to fit the buyers decor.

5. Housewares such as vintage plates, mugs,casserole dishes, and Tupperware. These items can be washed with liquid detergent and hot water.

6. Vintage textiles such as blankets, quilts and tablecloths can be easily laundered following label instructions on textiles.

7. Home improvement supplies and tools can be cleaned easily with bleach.

8. Small kitchen appliances if tested at the thrift store can be purchased with the same guidelines for cleaning the item is followed.

9. Finally, electronics as long as they are tested in the store and cleaned by cdc guidelines.

I think thrift stores may even clean some of these items before selling them in this age of covid 19 if they want people to feel safe purchasing these items.   Remember to use a mask and gloves when you go thrifting and wash your hands after wards. Stay safe while thrifting.

Friday, May 29, 2020

History of homer laughlin virginia rose pattern

Homer laughlin began in the 1870s  located in East Liverpool Ohio and founded by Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin.  The company originally started as Ohio valley pottery then renamed as Laughlin bros.
In 1879 , Shakespeare sold his interest to Homer .  Homer renamed company as Homer Laughlin company and ran it for two decades before selling it to investors which included his former bookkeeper W.E.Wells along with Louis Aaron and his sons in 1897. The new owners moved to Nevell West Virginia in 1907, The factory still operates today as the HCL Inc. Family of companies that includes the Hall China co.
Virginia rose was first introduced in 1929 and the line ran from 1932 until 1968.  Virginia rose refers to the name of the shape of the plates rather than a name of a pattern.  The shape of the plate is not round rather it is a molded edge which is a swirl design.  There were four versions of this plate created before the final design was chosen.  The name of the plate was named Virginia rose after Virginia rose Wells, the
granddaughter of W.E.Wells.  

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Rare jadiete piece sold at auction

I recently sold a rare Jadeite  piece I didn't know how rare it was.  It was a large 11 inch modern Swedish mixing bowl.  As soon as I placed it on auction got offers on it, I accepted 50.00 on it because it had a small chip and crack on it.  I sold it as is.  This example was very unique sold it for a client.   Here is the photo of mixing bowl

Saturday, May 23, 2020

What is Joe Biden doing?

Joe Biden recently had an inter
view with a podcaster that went wrong when Biden told this interviewer that you ain't black if you vote for Trump.  What's wrong with gaffe prone Biden, many democrats are not that excited about Biden since we are stuck with him. The least he could do is come out of the basement and start running some ads against Trump.  Instead of doing these gaffes against his own campaign, it shows incompetency .we need a strong candidate that can defeat Trump this fall.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

A voice among millions in the age of covid 19

I am only one voice out of millions in the age of covid 19.  This is my opinion only as I express my point of view on how president trump trying to divert attention from the covid 19 crisis.  This disease is not leaving until we get a vaccine.  Social distancing is the only way we can ride out this pandemic until we find a treatment or a vaccine.  Trump is doing many things to blame others over the response of his covid 19 response.  Trump has blamed obama and China.    The only way is to do nationwide testing to isolate those that have covid 19 from those that don't have it.  This is the only way we can open the economy with people feeling safe again entering businesses as they open.   The businesses can open but I don't think people will be rushing in to restaurants or go shopping.   Trump is dividing our nation with politicizing covid 19 by attacking governors that take precautions to social distance.  One example was Wisconsin where the court ruled that the governor over reached with the stay at home advisory.   Trump praised this decision, I wonder if he will take responsibility over the deaths that will happen in Wisconsin as their numbers go up.  Depending upon your a red state republican or a blue state Democrat covid 19 doesn't discriminate nor does it take aides it kills as many people as it can 82 thousand dead in USA already climbing towards 100,000.  Americans have to listen and wake up and see through trumps deception.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus shuts down America and the world

I never thought in my lifetime I would see a pandemic like a coronavirus or COVID 19.  People are afraid awhile some are not taking this situation seriously with kids on spring break on Florida beaches. This disease is so deadly and so contagious that doctors are still learning about this disease.  Meanwhile, America and the whole world have shutdown causing loss of jobs and slowdown of the economy.
I hope that Americans take this seriously and that practicing social distancing will curb the spread of COVID 19.  The fear of this spreading and causing death like the 1918 influenza pandemic is scary. 
The US economy is taking a hit so the government said they will send direct payments to Americans.
Many ideas are being floated around to help businesses keep afloat.  There have to be multiple ideas because COVID 19 can last for months since it's so contagious until a vaccine is found.
One idea is to test everyone to see who has it and who can be isolated until they are better.  America would have to produce millions of tests. 
After the two weeks if COVID 19 stops spreading companies can reopen taking the same measures such as closing early to clean and disinfect areas on site.  They need to practice social distancing until a vaccine is found.
COVID 19 can still spread even after the initial curbing of the disease succeeds.  This is the first time America has shut down completely.  We are Americans and we will get thru this like we have gotten thru other situations.  This is a time to help each other help our neighbors get through this pandemic.
We will get thru this because we are America.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Savings House- Saving Money Shopping and Thrifting: I love color

Savings House- Saving Money Shopping and Thrifting: I love color: I love color This is the norm at home, I hate bland beige walls which have no personality.  I prefer a splash of color everywhere so th...

Why CNN should Change their outdated news format

CNN known as Cable News Network has had the same 24hr repetitive news service since the 1980s since Ted Turner created it. The news that is played on the network is mainly of a political nature and less of what is happening around the U.S. The news network plays the same news constantly and they keep reporting it as breaking news when they have repeated it for over an hour.

Fox News has contrasted itself because it promotes news from around the U.S. and abroad along with political news all with a conservative point of view. Although Fox News has propagated fake news and false reporting, it's the appearance of promoting real news is in its format. Often beating CNN in ratings with editorial shows like Hannity.

Although CNN has news shows like Cuomo and Anderson Cooper 360, it doesn't differentiate itself from the political news of the day and is a continuation of the daytime news coverage.

CNN should cover more topics the way PBS does; it covers interesting world news topics, local news around the US, some topics such as poverty, homelessness, gun control issues, laws being changed around the state and federal level.

CNN has introduced some documentaries such as the history of comedy and the Windsors examples of entertainment content that lacks the credibility of a news source by promoting these entertainment value content.

CNN should change its format to attract more viewers of both conservative and liberal viewers simply by reporting more national and international news and less political news.

A side note the media, in general, has lost credibility with the public due to the way news is covered and the subject matter covered or not covered in many instances.  Example: media trying to steer the public towards one political candidate by ignoring other candidates in coverage or in debate questions.  Example: Andrew Yang was ignored in New Hampshire debate all questions went to Buttliegieg and Klobuchar.  Klobuchar came in third place.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Savings House- Saving Money Shopping: DIY Disaster Painting furniture

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Savings House- Saving Money Shopping: Savingshouse welcome page

Savings House- Saving Money Shopping: Savingshouse welcome page: This blog is an adventure and experiment in writing about local and current events.  Google has expressed that I must notify about European ...

Why Trump is so strong with base

No one understands especially voters from the left or moderate voters how Trump has managed to sustain such loyalty with his strong Republican base. Some of the reasons why Trump does so well with his base is that he said what he would do if placed in office and he has kept his word; at least most of his promises.  He promised to crack down on illegal immigration; build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, which he couldn't do. Instead, taxpayers are paying for the way; Trump passed a tax plan that helps corporations and the rich; eliminated tax deductions for regular taxpayers that they got less back on their annual tax refunds; Trump's base will rationalize that he cut payroll taxes so they got more in their paychecks even if it's not a great difference. Trump promised to eliminate Obamacare and is currently in the supreme court trying to overturn it. Trump promised to pack federal courts with conservative judges which he has along with Mc Connell.  On the surface, it looks like he kept his promises to his base. Secondly, the power of celebrity, his base has seen Trump as a successful businessman on the apprentice for ten years.  They believe in his success despite his record of bankruptcies. Trump is good at media manipulation.
Thirdly, the scapegoating of immigrants for job loss when in reality Andrew Yang accurately described the issues of automation and technology taking over manufacturing and lower-level skilled jobs over.  
Fourth, conservative media especially Fox News and talk radio which promotes false and propaganda for the white house. Half the country is being fed false narratives and pro-White House propaganda to fuel his popularity.
Fifth, fueling mistrust and doubt in traditional media so when the media accurately reports on what the administration does; they can dispute and cast doubt on the facts to the American public. 
Sixth, Trump speaks in plain English and doesn't speak in political speaking terms that confuse constituents like other politicians. Trump is himself and makes no apology for it and I think his base admires that he doesn't try to change or modify himself for political expediency.