Thursday, June 21, 2012

White China cabinet stacked with blue and white collectibles and a few roosters

I painted this china cabinent that was originally a hideous yellow color, with palm trees on the panels! I painted it a crisp white and plan to add some wood appliques from These appliques are inexpensive at 6-8 dollars each and they have nice traditional designs that can be added to any wood furniture piece. I could stencil the top but I haven't been able to find a design I really liked to add to the panels and the top; so I decided to go with the appliques. After I painted my china cabinent, I added my blue and white china, dolls and collectibles on clear glass shelves. My dad had to add his 40 year old rooster figurines, I have to admit the roosters look nice in cabinent.

Upcycled media cabinent made into new craft cabinent

This was another Divine Providence Thrift shop find, it was in the middle of the store holding small knick knacks, and I asked the clerk if it was for sale. She said yes, and I bought it for 15 dollars. The staff helped me place it in the car too, they were really nice. The cabinent was a black color and it had no doors and three shelves. It looked like a media cabinent so I repainted it a light blue and added french wallpaper on the shelves and on the back of the cabinent. I upcycled cabinent and created a craft center cabinent. Now if I can only clear the back room. Work in progress.

Nice vintage Samsonite luggage

I inherited this from my aunt who passed away in 1997, I've had it for years because I love old antiques. I love old beaded purses, suitcase style hand bags and old samsonite leather suitcases. I love the style and the form of the suitcase. These suitcases are great storage pieces and decorative. These cases could be upcycled and made into a small side table by placing the case on a luggage rack. I cleaned and polished to get the shine on it.

Its all in the flooring go retro

A great way to save is to get inexpensive 12x12 vinyl black and white tile. Create a checkerboard traditional style design; which can go retro fifties or french country, even victorian style. These floors have been used during these different eras and styles. 

Or if you want to get creative, place tiles on a diagonal or diamond shape placement to create an interesting pattern. Tiles are inexpensive and never go out of style, in fact the style comes back every 30 years on average.

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