Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel photos/family/photos from Puerto Rico

The sandy beaches of Luquillo Beach, when I go through difficult times I like to remember better times by looking at this old vacation photo,
I took about 4 years ago.

Arch Diocese of NY claims no responsibility over smaller catholic cemeteries in NY State

the problem our family has fought to correct since March 21, 2011 when we first learned of terrible error. The cemetery refused to fix mistake because they have potentially many other graves that could be in similar situation. I learned that religious cemeteries in NY state are Unregulated, so remember that when you bury a loved one at a religious cemetery in NY. In N.Y.S the cemetery follows NY state Health Code; the Arch Diocese is supposed to be regulating but they  handle large cemeteries; as their cemetery division claims. St Raymond's is the largest Catholic Cemetery in the Bronx, but they claim only local parish handles the operations and they have no control over that parish? Really? Read my site,  Read the whole story plus see photos and documents posted. Federal regulation is the key to stop cemeteries from making errors and fraud as in our case.

 Read story at and check out NY daily news on October 19th 2011, edition.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fresh Veggies from My Flower Bed Garden

This produce which I got from my garden, if I can do it anyone can do it.
These are from my garden a few weeks ago;  my green peppers and okra.

I use the seeds of the peppers once I cook the peppers and replant it in the ground.  I buy organic compost once a month, in addition to buying the yellow bag cow manure compost sold at Walmart.  I mix these once a month in the soil and add it with plant food.  I mix it together and  replant the seeds; and I have endless peppers growing through out the Spring/ Summer season.  Purchase seeds from Burpee or from your local produce purchased at local Ocala, Fl. supermarkets after cooking vegetable.

Cheap method of creating a mattress whole bed cover

 The latest news about bedbugs taking over new york City has made some of the residents and tourists kind of  anxious about bringing some of these critters back home.  
The way to keep bedbugs out of your mattress is to keep the bugs from entering the mattress in the first place.  Purchasing a whole bed mattress cover is the best method to keep them out , but these whole bed covers range in the prices of 100.00 to as much as 279.00 according to the sizes of the mattress.  Instead of purchasing a whole mattress cover, that is so expensive; purchase two inexpensive mattress covers according to the size of the mattress.  Place one mattress cover on one side of the mattress then turn over the mattress and place the other cover on the other side.  If you want to make it a permanent cover for the mattress simply attach the covers together either by sewing or using bonding adhesive tapes used for fabrics.  If you plan to cover an outdoor daybed use a weather proof material or even vinyl covers to protect the mattress from the elements.   Next time, you are in New York, you don't have to be afraid of bringing back bedbugs, just have to worry about the flies instead.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things To Do In Ocala Florida

Ocala, Florida is a great small town with an urban vibe especially towards the downtown Ocala area.

This area is a mix of historic Victorian Homes and urban brick buildings structures.  

Ocala, Florida is known as the Horse capitol of the World with many horse farms.  The city is only two hours away from Orlando.  This city offers many ecological and outdoor activities along with big city amenities.  Ocala offers great shopping, great eateries and antique shopping. 

Ocala has a lot of scenic routes, Silver Springs waterway park, many parks and trails to bike and hike.  In addition, to having the newest science Museum for children, Appleton Museum, a drag racing museum and many other museums in town.  Take a carriage ride around local horse farms  or visit the downtown shopping district. There are other shopping districts around  the highway 200 corridor with Paddock Mall and the new Dillard's mall. 

Orlando visitors could take advantage of low hotel rates in local area hotels along the busy shopping and restaurant district.  If you don't mind the drive which is very nice and scenic, you can visit two towns instead of only one.

Historic Buildings and staircases in the Bronx NYC

 I took some photos of some great historical architecture that you just can't find or replicate these days, in neighborhoods that are not in Manhattan.  The Bronx's architectural secrets;

In the Bronx and in upper Manhattan there are these grand giant staircases that connect hilly and steep streets, this staircase is located at 169th st Webster Avenue and connects to teller Avenue that leads towards the grand Concourse.   It is such a shame that these beautiful structures are littered with garbage, and are falling in some disrepair.  Some of these staircases are connected to the buildings next to them with entrances off the staircases, but now have been sealed with brick.

Historic Bronx Buildings architecture

More Photos about the city, I love old architecture, the Bronx has a lot of old historical buildings, such as prewar era buildings, art deco era buildings and old Victorian brownstones.

There is a historic district known as Longfellow Avenue that has a series of old brownstone homes.  Many were neglected and in disrepair but the city has renovated these homes with private and public funding.  

There are other historic districts in the Bronx there is the Clay Avenue historic district with there beautiful brownstone.   
There is the grand concourse. Historic district which spans from 149th street to 204 th Street mostly parkway.  Many art deco buildings in architecture and design
There is the Riverdale historic district with many historic mansions.  

The city has restored a lot of the vacant abandoned burn down lots of the 1970's and have restored neighborhoods.   

My amateur photography skills are improving a bit; Here are some photos;

Near Empire State Building 5th Avenue

 Recent travels to New York City

If you visit the NYC area there are many free things to do in the city. Visit the  homepage and click on Free things to do in the city. Many of the museums here are free but they do ask for recommended donations since it is funded publicly.  The  museums along 5th Avenue known as museum mile; do charge admission. Last June, there was a free fair allowing visitors to visit the museum for free for about 4 hours.  

 This is outside the Empire State building this building is a full two blocks wide between 33rd and 34th st, but actually one full New York long block as people often discover when walking around the city.

White castle Historical marker and Building with Giant Rock Foundation in Bronx

I live in Ocala but have roots in NYC, NY.  I visit the city every year. My sister lives in the Bronx and there has been amazing reconstruction of this borough including unique building features not seen in Manhattan.  These photos of the Bronx include new and old interesting sites.  

This is a new building in the Bronx that uses the bedrock as part of the foundation of the structure.
How cool is that!.

Bronx buildings with bedrock as architecture


White castle historical monument marker 1776

This marker  is outside a White Castle's restaurant on West Farms Square, this is the site of a historical battle site in the Bronx.   It is outside the restaurant parking lot.  I think it's cool to eat at an actual historical revolutionary battle site.  I wonder if anyone stops to read the stone.

How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

  It seems that Inflation has hit a 40 year high affecting everything from gas prices, housing, food, and consumer goods.  Inflation ...