Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage Christmas Ornaments on eBay

Instead of braving the crowded Black Friday shopping events, I decided to get a jump on cyber shopping.  I came across beautiful eBay vintage Christmas ornaments shop.  This seller has some beautiful Christmas glass ornaments dating back to the 1940s WWII era.  If searching for vintage Christmas ornaments, you just have to visit eBay store at
Diana's attic.

  I searched online on eBay and found in addition to this great vintage shop, found listings on vintage foil light reflectors.  I thought they were cool and got a few to make my own version. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

From where does this Pine Cone hail?

I did not mean to be too dramatic with the title just attempting to find the right words. In other words, from what tree does this pine cone come from, when I first found it on the ground on my back lawn. The pine cone was not dried out so it had spouted these red seeds that are fragrant. They had these cinnamon spicy light scent. I dried out some pine cones to create a table center piece. I took the red fragrant smelling seeds and placed them in a small pill bottle. Not sure if the fragrance would remain long , I am hoping to create a sachet from them. As for the pine cones I plan to paint them in glittery paint.  I still don't know what kind of tree it came from.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to find local grocery deals in Ocala

How to find local grocery deals in Ocala

The best method to find deals on groceries is to search online for local supermarkets that have websites for example like Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, Sav-a-Lot and Dollar General.  Search on Google search engine and type in the names of these super markets and links will appear to their pages.  Many of these sites include the weekly circulars offering the specials for the week and is a great reference source for comparing prices on specific items.  I always search the circulars before purchasing food items to get the best deals.  Finding the best prices along with the use of food manufacturers coupons can save a person's weekly budget.  Yesterday, I went to Sav-A-Lot on Hwy 200 in Steeple chase plaza, and their prices on items like Ham and chicken legs were .99 a pound.  I got a 9 pound ham for about 8.82 and two family packs of chicken drumsticks for about 3.92 and 4.22 about 8.14 cents combined.  Five pound Domino sugar was about 1.99 and at the dollar general it was 2.50 for a 3 pound generic brand.  There are some items cheaper at different supermarkets; another example is the Dollar general store that has the best prices on cereals, soups, spices and household cleaning agents.  

I came across this nice site that allows for users to go online and place their zip code to get prices of groceries from local area supermarkets all on one site and it has other free features such as coupons, and online grocery list.  The site is mygrocerydeals  the site offers free membership and must register to get free benefits of site. 

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Blind weights made into refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets from blind metal square weights

I saw the potential to reuse these square metal blind weights when I removed some broken linen vertical blinds.   I used it to create a mini chalk board by adding chalk board paint, then on the other side attaching a vinyl magnetic refrigerator calendar.  These are promos that businesses or health insurance companies send in the mail.  I had plenty and was starting to think of what to use it with and I found that it supported the weight okay of the blind weight and was successful. 

This time I decided to make a vintage photo magnet so I glued the vintage photo on to the blind weight and cut it to size to fit perfectly.  Use a glue stick to glue photo to weight, then I took another vinyl magnetic promo calendar which I cut in half  then cut to size and glue to the back of the blind weight.  Some details can be added such as small sequins or decorative touches that is optional. 

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A great way to reuse old magnetic advertising promotionals that local businesses or charities send to residents.  You can reuse anything and create something purposeful.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yankee Stadium ,Kingsbridge armory,NYC pics

Photography of Yankee Stadium, Kingsbridge armory, and NYC photos from last visit

I took some nice photos of the new Yankee Stadium at 161st street, the park across the street and the train stop where commuters come to catch a baseball game. The Kingsbridge armory is a large historical landmark where soldiers were headquartered at one time; and is directly across from the current VA hospital center. The Whitestone drive in cinema was the only drive in the city and in the Bronx until it closed down in 2012. The Empire State building, and the B. Altman's building, now part of a college campus. More photos of Met Life building and much more.


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How to make a no Sew pillow cover

How to make a no Sew pillow cover

Making a no sew pillow cover to make an old worn out decorative 16 inch pillow look new is easy. To make a no sew pillow all that is needed is fabric, scissors, an Iron, heat bonding tape, and fabric adhesive, and Velcro. 

Take a large fabric that should be cut into two pieces which are the size of the pillow and an additional two and a half inches on all four sides of the edges of the cut fabric. Take one inch on all four sides of the fabric and place heat bonding tape then fold it down to create seam. After this has been done on both pieces of fabric, place one fabric on top of the other right side up, cut heat bonding tape on only three sides of the fabric and attach both pieces with the heat bonding tape. Place old pillow inside to make sure it fits, then remove pillow. Take double fabric adhesive and add Velcro on both side of the opening of the pillow case. Press the outside top of the pillow with iron, place a paper in between the two Velcro and let it set for a day. Insert pillow, than close the pillow opening by closing the Velcro and than there is a new pillow cover created for the awful dingy old pillow that would have went to a landfill. Purchase enough fabric to create a pair of matching pillow covers. There are many online tutorials that teach how to make no sew pillows differently, even no sew blinds.

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Pavarotti's Restaurant in Ocala

Pavarotti's Restaurant

If you want to eat really good pizza go to Pavarotti's, their pizzas are great. The pizza can be ordered and the staff is accommodating in placing toppings on sections of the pizza if requested. An example my friends ordered a large pizza, and we asked that the topping included anchovies, pepperoni and extra cheese but on three separate parts of the pizza. The cooks made it even though they usually don't separate the toppings that way. The staff was nice and the service was good. This place is located at the corner of the new strip center mall on Hwy 200 .

Pavarotti  on HWY 200

Oops should have taken photo before started to eat pizza at Pavarotti on HWY 200


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Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Money on Christmas decorating

Save Money on Christmas decorating
The best way to save money on outdoor Christmas decorating is to purchase Led solar lights to save on electricity bills. These solar lights are a bit more pricy but are well worth the savings long term, These lights can be used each year and use small solar panels with AA batteries or some need special batteries, which can be found easily on eBay. No electricity required, only the sun's rays during the day to charge the lights during the night time.
The second way to save money on Christmas decorating is to purchase items at thrift shops, estate sales, yard sales, eBay and flea markets. If purchasing from eBay purchase vintage lights, ornaments and decor only if items are shipped free. Christmas decorating can  become fun and interesting by treasure hunting vintage holiday finds at thrift stores and many other venues. Many vintage pieces are no longer made and are one of a kind pieces that are not easily found.

The third method to save on Christmas decorating is to wait for the day after Christmas and New Years Day to purchase heavily discounted Christmas decorating items during after Christmas sales. These new purchases can be used for the next Christmas holiday, by having these items already in the home it is will save time and money on decorating. The final method is to be creative and make your own Christmas decor such as using Christmas cards to decorate a doorway, door or mantle. Use existing trees to hang popcorn garlands and glass ornaments. These are a few ideas to find inexpensive ways to find Christmas decorative items.

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Ways to save money by growing own produce

Ways to save money by growing groceries
Growing your own produce takes time, money and patience but is well worth it in money savings. In addition, knowing where your vegetables are grown and cultivated gives the consumer piece of mind on its safety standard during its growth process. Vegetables can be grown in planters and in planting beds, the best vegetables to grow are peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and okra which grow within a six to eight week time frame. Tomatoes need a lot of sunlight and are great in large planters. Cucumbers, peppers and okra can be grown in flower beds or large planters too. I scoop the seeds out of grocery vegetables purchased then prepare at home. I dry out the seeds and plant them within a few days in small planters and that is how I keep growing vegetables continuosly.

Red Habanero peppers great for salsa grown in my garden

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Green house in a tan neighborhood

There is always one house in the neighborhood that stands out from the rest, either by color choice or landscape or even home design. There is nothing wrong with homeowners making their homes stand out differently in the community, because it allows for individuality and creativity to be demonstrated within the neighborhood.

Homes are designed to be similar especially where in a development that have HOA's restrictions prohibiting drastic changes that differentiate any homes from their uniform design. There are subtle methods to really make your home stand out without investing too much money or violating any of HOA's guidelines. 

Instead of using color on the home exterior consider using it around the outside of the home with colorful planters, unique one of a kind yard art. Paint wall plaques, water fountains, garden planters that are bright and bold and complement the exterior color of the home. Use chalk board paint in colors on the planters and it will allow the homeowner to write on the planter directly and leave messages for visitors or even label your plants. There are so many unique ideas that can be achieved with this chalk board paint medium to create unique art. This idea allows the homeowner to change colors around and not let it become permanent, if they don't like it after awhile.

How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

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