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How to go shopping thrift for different holidays?

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 How to go shopping at Thrift for different holidays?

 Shopping Thrift all year round helps to find unique items that may no longer be found in retail shops. Unique items can be found for different holidays and Seasons. Some items are donated in original boxes or  with tags still on them. Although it may be harder to find these items they can be found. An example would be finding Christmas dishes and Decor at the thrift shop. Divine Providence has a section dedicated to Christmas decor and wares all year round. In this section figurines,ornaments, Christmas dishes, and Christmas bags can be found. Vintage ornaments are popular for Shoppers to find and collect. Vintage snow globes are popular to collect as well. 

 Some thrift shops offer different sections in shops for different seasonal decor or they have a dedicated section. For popular Easter, Valentine's, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decor. Most thrift stores have these items out all year round but some thrifts place items out as featured items when the holiday approaches. Look for Easter items when holiday approaches in April search for bunny figurines or ceramic Easter eggs. Nice baskets to create gift baskets or Easter tin canisters for decor. For Valentine's Day search for plushies or teddy bears, or Valentine mugs with sentimental love messages on them. For Saint Patrick's Day shop for the color green such as green Tiki glasses or Irish Cream mugs. You can shop St Patrick's decor items like door wreaths or decor  with clovers and Shamrocks. There are a few examples of what can be found thrifting. There's so much variety and maybe it's hard to choose.


The way on how to go shopping Thrift for different holidays is to First make a list of items you need or want.

 Determine for what purpose you need these items, is it simply to decorate or are you hosting or themed holiday party.

 Determine if these items are in good condition as to give to a person if that is your intent. For example, I know a friend who shops at thrifts to find gifts for Christmas during the year.

 Set a budget as to how much you want to spend on these items.

 By these items during the off season to save money on them. Check the item too early to make sure that it is not damaged or can be reused again.


In summary, learning to how to go shopping Thrift for different holidays takes planning. Finding unique items for that holiday Decor or even for gifting purposes can be a challenge. If you shop Thrift often you will find what you are searching for at a low-cost.

By Anna Cruz 


Top ten reasons why Thrift Shopping is great?

 Top 10 reasons why thrift stores are great? 

I have an addiction to Thrift because I love unique and different things that you can't find anywhere else. I love to find unique one-of-a-kind items that you can’t find at a regular retail store. I love vintage art, figurines, clothing, books, and vintage jewelry. I remember going to Screamin Mimi's when I was in high school. Screaming Mimi's is a vintage shop in the Soho area in New York City.  My enthusiasm grew for thrift when I moved to Ocala Florida. There are four thrift stores in the Southwest Highway 200 Corridor going towards Belleview and Dunnellon. Divine Providence, the Sheriff's thrift store, Helping Hands, and Habitat for Humanity. I have found amazing unique items at a great price at these stores. Some stores have different price points but sell quality items. 

The top 10 reasons why thrift stores are great are the following; 

1. Thrift stores provide a creative outlet for people to express themselves. For example, in fashion amazing clothing can be found to create unique one-of-a-kind fashion. Where can you find the 1960s pair of pants and a 1980’s blouse? These two items can be paired to create an individual fashion look.  Another example: Art is unique in its form to furnish homes and use it to create new art.

2. Thrift stores save the environment by allowing items to find a home and to get a second chance at life. These items are given a second chance for people to purchase and love these items in their homes.

It keeps clothing and other thrift items out of landfills. One man's junk is another man's treasure. 

3. Thrift stores have their own Vibe, some may specialize in high-end fashion or rare vinyl records. Thrift stores sell quality items and gently used clothing for resale. Thrift store shoppers can really find great deals as they find items that have withstood previous use and are still good enough for resale. 

4.  Thrift stores sell children's clothing and toys. Children are always growing out of their clothes so it allows clients to purchase new children's clothing with minimal investment. Some great Collectibles can be found at the toy section such as plushies, video games, and jigsaw puzzles. 

5. Thrift stores are great because you can shop at your leisure and not feel pressured by salespeople or other Shoppers. You can take your time to scan through the items. I have spent hours looking through clothes. It is great because some have fitting rooms to try on items. 

6. Thrift stores allow first-time homebuyers or renters to purchase quality furniture and appliances for their home or apartment.  You can find quality furniture that may need to be refinished or painted. Different eras or styles of furniture can be found for example mid-century style furniture which is popular and timeless. 

7. Thrift stores allow the shopper to find anything from vintage small appliances to sporting goods. You can find amazing small treasures from small figurines to great books or at a low cost. The buyer can decide whether to keep it or resell it on sites like eBay, Etsy, or Poshmark. 

8. Thrift stores provide jobs for workers or volunteer jobs for people searching to occupy their time. These employees get first dibs on the donated items that come in as a benefit on the job.  Resellers are flipping items and creating an income for themselves. Therefore aiding in the thrift economy of the US. 

9. The thrift store supports Charities that help the community they are in. Goodwill provides jobs and job training for individuals. Divine Providence helps teens and Ministries around the world. These are two examples of how thrift stores help their communities. 

10. Thrift stores sell items so cheaply that people can buy items, use it for a while and then re-donate when they no longer have use for it. An example would be reading a book soon afterward that can be re-donated. This creates an organized method of maintaining the home so you don't acquire too much stuff. You may not need it anymore. 

In summary, thrift stores are great because there are no other places where you are able to find unique one of a kind treasures.  Every time a shopper enters a thrift store it is a shopping adventure as the shopper hunts for those rare treasures.   Shopping thrift helps the shopper but also helps the community and the environment at the same time.  It's a way of shopping that is eco-friendly and helps create jobs in the local community.  

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