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SOTU Address and Four GOP Responses

The State of the Union Address 2014 And the Four Republican Responses The State of the Union address has been the most anticipated since it is the sixth year of President Obama's administration where he will outline his agenda for year 2014..President Obama outlined many plans and policies he wants Congress to advance which include Immigration, tax , unemployment insurance reform, job training programs, universal day care. These are some of the bills President Obama wants Congress to start working on to make these laws to make life better for Americans. President Obama discussed closing Guantanamo Bay, Iran nuclear disarmament, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan withdrawal. President Obama announced  an executive order of minimum wage increase of 10.10 of all federal contract workers at federal facilities and a host of private-public partnerships with city and state governments for job training, job creation, education programs.  Meanwhile on the other side, there is the republican

January 6, Three Kings Day Tradition in Puerto Rico

January 6th is Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico also known as " el dia de Los tres Reyes Mago", this day is remembered as the day the three wise men bought baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and Myrrh. According to Huffington Post, Latino voices article. "For Christians, Christmas and holiday do not end until twelve days of Christmas which is the "feast of the epiphany" or "three kings day". The day of January 6th refers to the three Kings who found baby Jesus in the manger by following the North Star to Bethlehem for 12 days. The names of the wise men were" Melchoir, Caspar, and Balthazar representing Europe, Arabia, and Africa." The three gifts represent symbols of acknowledged royalty, gold as acceptance that Jesus was "King of the Jews". Frankincense represents Jesus' existence as Son of God. Myrrh represents the prediction of the death of Jesus to cleanse humanity of their sins; myrrh was used in the emba

The Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Top Ten New Years Resolutions There are promises that people make to themselves to improve or achieve a goal every New Year known as a New Years resolution.  I have fallen into the 24% of who fail at their New Year resolution each year.  Regardless of how I try, the treadmill becomes my new laundry drying rack.  This year, I will work at will power and work hard to actually complete New year resolution successfully and I am setting a deadline.   As for other new year resolutioner's in that 24%, don't despair, we are in the same boat.  Use this post as motivation to carry on get the drying clothes off the treadmill and reset that deadline and if you fall off the wagon after a week, try, try again until you do it this time.  So find out what the top ten resolutions are and see if your New Year resolution is on the list. The top ten New Years Resolution starting with number ten to number one resolutions are: 10. Spend more time with family 9. Fall in Love 8. Hel