Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vintage Rocker Rocks

Vintage Wood Turn of Century Rocker found at Divine Providence

On my last trip to Divine Providence, I found an amazing vintage tiger wood rocker, very old rocker dates to the turn of the century based on its design.   I fell in love with it when I saw it at the store.  It's an amazing find at only 20.00; great solid design needs to be stripped to original finish.  

The rocker had been painted a dark stain finish, original paint shows light color underneath dark stain.  A new project to take on but happy to start and restore to its old glory.
Somebody send me a photographer!

How to reuse broken Christmas Lawn Stakes

I learned the hard way how to reuse broken Christmas lawn stakes when a destructive squirrel ate through the light cords around these decorations. I had these lighted snowflake lawn stakes which had a  nice hologram style.  The lights were attached by a thin light cord that allowed the electricity to travel to the other stake.  This squirrel digs up my yard and has chewed on electrical outlet cords, and now these Christmas light decorations; not to mention damaged the porch screens. Besides investing in good pest control; I did not want to throw out these Christmas decorations that were damaged so I decided to re purpose them into lawn art. I cut off the remaining cords and decorated the snowflakes with three glow in the dark stars (plastic star shaped discs).  I wanted to find a way to add more to the snowflakes so I want to add some wind chimes to them; then will stake it to the ground.  Another idea, would be to use them as a container plant trellises by adding plant ties around the stake. 

The second set of solar lights that were damaged were the type of lights that were attached by a thin wire; then were attached to small solar panel grid.  The squirrel ate the cord and severed one of the globe lights.  I cut the cords on the stakes and painted each individual globe stake with a pinkish metallic paint. I decided to use these globes as hose guides, instead of throwing them out. 

The solar panel grid I plan to reuse on another project.  Don't throw out these broken items reuse and re purpose them .  There are many craft blogs that can inspire the imagination; keep it out of the landfills.

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