Sunday, January 30, 2022

Top tools of the trade to go thrift shopping

 Going to the thrift store may be a fun adventure, especially if you are looking for something specific. If you are looking for that one item to to decorate or for reselling purposes, then you should bring along the these items when shopping.

 1. bring a tape measure to measure any furniture and appliances you may be looking for specific space in the house. a tape measure can help you measure the item before purchase because some furniture may be too big for the space. You want to buy items to scale to fit the home properly.

 2. bring a phone to research the items on Ebay if you are purchasing for resale. Use your phone to look up eBay comps before purchasing that item to make sure it's worth your time and energy to list and sell.

 3.  bring a camera to take pictures of the items if you are indecisive of your purchase. Take photos of the items you are interested in, if indecisive on getting the item. Get opinions on the item from others, just remember that in the thrift store items sell fast.

 4. bring a black light to identify pieces that glow in the dark, an example Vaseline Glass. Identifying vaseline glass is difficult that is why the backlight is needed.

 5. bring a loupe or magnifying glass to examine items carefully. You 

may need to see a signature on art or jewelry. You will need a Jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass to see more clearly.

 6. bring a flashlight to see things more closely. a flashlight is good for items that are hidden in the back that you can't see. you can take your time to examine with a flashlight..

 In summary, you should use these tools when going shopping. It will make the shopping experience more precise with less mistakes are likely. Especially, in selections of furniture pieces, if you find pieces that fit in scalability. If you use these tools to purchase items at the thrift store you can't go wrong. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

How to save more money shopping at thrift stores.


Thrift shopping is the best way to save money shopping. There are even more ways to save at the thrift store despite all the regular savings. Thrift stores often have sales to get rid of excess inventory. 

They will list it on a sign or whiteboard, and list which items are on sale. An example they may list 50% off the books, dishes, or whichever category they decide to place on special. These sales are announced daily on whiteboards and signs. This is a great way to save on Thrift items at the store. 

Besides announced sales, Some stores offer discounts by offering a Rewards program. 

An example would be at the sheriff's Ranch after a certain number of purchases of $10 or more. They will give you a $5 discount. You have to tell them your phone number and they will find you in their system if you have shopped there before.. 

Some thrift shops will offer percentage discounts off the item, for example, they may offer 60% off lamps or Furniture. Helping hands has an amazing deal sometimes. About two weeks ago they have 60% off items in their shop except for items marked one dollar and under. 

In summary, many thrift stores may or may not offer these specials. Depending upon the thrift store. I know that the thrift store I visit often offer one of these three discounts within their store. Making thrift shopping a more affordable and cheaper way to purchase items. Thrift stores are the best way to save doing these inflationary times.

DIY tables done Shabby Chic

I found these two great end tables at a thrift shop solid wood but the finish needed some TLC.  At first, I thought they were by a furniture maker named Hadley from Massachusetts.  But I was wrong, they did not have a brand marked on them but they were sold heavily well-built tables. The tables had a glossy shine to them and had water ring marks on them so I knew I had to redo the tables.  At first, I admired the solid wood look but they didn't go with my country white french coffee table.  The tables were painted white and now they look great and match my coffee table. Now, my room has a french country feel with white tables. The white tables are a stark contrast to the blue walls and furniture in my living room.  

I sanded the tables with a liquid sander called klean-strip.  I used that first then afterward I used sandpaper to get the remaining gloss off.  

Then I used kilz primer on the tables waited for them to dry before adding a coat of white paint.  I used bright white paint from Benjamin Moore.  

See the following photos:

Sunday, January 23, 2022

How to decorate your bathroom with thrift finds

 The first thing you should do when shopping for items to decorate your bathroom is to scan the bathroom and make a list of items to purchase.

 Some great items to decorate a bathroom include: 

 1    bathroom signs

 2    small succulent plants

 3    dish soap holders

 4    baskets

 5    small mirrors

 6    vanity trays

 7    shelves

 8    toothbrush holders

 9    towel holders

 10  small jars

 1. bathroom signs are a quirky way to decorate a bathroom or even bathroom art can be found at the thrift store, for a few cents.


2. small succulent plants will look nice on a bathroom shelf and bring life into a small space.

 3 dish soap holders can be fun and great to create and to add to a bathroom decor because they come in so many shapes and Designs. An example I found a dish soap holder design shaped like a small vintage bathtub.

 4. baskets are great items to add to the bathroom because they are great to store washcloths, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

5. small mirrors make the space look bigger in a small bath. Especially if you add it to the side of a bigger mirror. Allows the person to see all angles on oneself for grooming.

 6 vanity trays are a great way to add items that may look awkward or alone on the Vanity. Vanity trays bring organization to the bathroom vanity.

 7 shelves are easy to install and add more storage to a small bath space. You can add baskets and plants on shelves.

8 toothbrush holders are a great find at the thrift whether you find wall-mounted or free-standing toothbrush holders. You will find Unique Designs at the thrift.

 9. Towel holders are great to find at the thrift store whether they are wall-mounted or some free-standing to place on the vanity. They are great finds to add to a bathroom.

10. small jars are great to store Q-tips, cotton balls on any other bathroom items. Depending upon their size you can store a lot of the items on the vanity.

 If your bathroom is dated you might consider upgrading the tiles by painting the walls in the bathroom it will complement the tile instead of making it look dated. And a few of these items to a small bathroom and you will add instant decor to any bathroom. You will update an old bath and bring it to life by adding a few of your thrift finds. There are some ideas I have photographed from my own bath.

 In summary, if you want to update or upgrade a bathroom with a small budget the thrift finds is the best option. Look for items that are listed in the above article to upgrade your items in your bathroom. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

How to display your thrift store finds around the home


Often, when we pick up something we like from the thrift store.

We will evaluate what use we wanted it for. Sometimes, we want

something displayed or add to a collection. How do you display your

items if you don't have a curio or hutch?


If you have a collection, group them altogether if you have a wall unit or display shelf. You can find the Shelf at a thrift store. It's cheaper than

getting a cabinet or a china hutch. An example if you have a collection of Snowbabies, is to try to place them on a secure wall shelf. Or if you

already have a china cabinet. Place item under glass in the cabinet.


If you have vintage folk-art tole wood boxes you can place them on

the coffee table they are great for remote storage. The folk art piece brings a

French country feels to your home decor, especially if the boxes are distressed. Place it on a coffee table with an old basket to hold magazines, with a candle Snuffer to Snuff off candles when in use. You will have a nice vignette on the coffee table to display these vintage items.

 If you have end tables please quirky sculptures you might have found at the thrift. A lot of the sculptures are of thin metal and are of a unique design. Place your find on the end table it will make a bare table come to life with a unique piece of art. If you have unique one-of-a-kind art, then hang them on the wall. Depending upon the style and the subject matter vintage art can be a one-of-a-kind unique expression of one’s taste.

My home is an expression of me. I have art on every piece of wall in this

home. It is unique and different even in the display.

 The book should be displayed in bookcases, they look orderly when

placed on shelves. Some people place uniform book covers so they are all the same color,


Costume jewelry should be placed in jewelry boxes if you want to display them. It should be placed in hanging jewelry-clear bags. So you can pull it out too easy to find or to show people.

 Hats should be placed on a hook inside the closet or over the door.

 Collections of any type should be displayed and seen, not hiding away.

I have an example of my seashell box collection I pick them up at the thrift often.

 In summary, if you have a collection and you want to display it there are many locations within the home it can be displayed. They may be unique spots to place them but it will work out great depending on the display. Don't be afraid to display your favorite places in odd locations

around the home. If you don't have a lot of shelves or any display cabinets.

Be original in your display and experiment in your own home to

find the right combination of items for display.

Friday, January 21, 2022

How to be a good reseller

 Reselling items from thrift can be difficult. I know that looking for items from the Thrift is not always easy. To be a good reseller you have to know which items will sell. This is just one attribute of a good reseller. To be a good reseller, you need to do the following;

1. You need to know which items will resell well. You do this by doing research. You look on eBay and find items you may be interested in selling. Look at sold comps. on eBay, it will tell you the price is sold for. Do research on terapeak on eBay, if you have a store on eBay. It will provide listings of sales for that keyword typed in the search. Look for Unique one-of-a-kind items at the thrift. You can't go wrong with items that are unusual. Search for well-known brands especially with clothing, housewares, and toys. When thrifting with costume jewelry make sure they are signed pieces.

 2. As a reseller you need to know how to market your items for resale. If you still want to sell online, you have to write great titles and descriptions. So that the search engines can find and pick it up for views and traffic. The more traffic the more views for resales when writing the title, start with the brand, what it is and how much is it for. Describe that item as precisely as possible, this includes any defects. Write as descriptive as possible.


3. You need to price your items for resale and to make a profit. Search on eBay comes to see how much the item sold for under eBay's sold comps. Resale items are usually priced at one-third of the original price. Thrift store items are sold for a few cents to a few dollars. You have to evaluate the value of the item to see if it's worth reselling on any online platform.

4. As a reseller you need to multitask, by that I mean you have to source items at the thrift, then photograph and list the items on eBay, and then pack and ship the items out to the client. As a reseller, you will wear many hats. Reselling has to involve time management to handle all transactions during the day.

 5. As a reseller you have to be organized to set up an inventory system to resell. Especially if handling inventory. You have to organize item so that you can find it when needed. Resellers usually store items in plastic totes in a space in the spare room or garage. They place letters on the individual totes to create storage for individual items to be resold to create an inventory system.

 In summary, you need a lot of skills to be a reseller. You will need to do your research as to how to find items to resell. Or if you need to find prices how to research on eBay's sold comp. listings. You will have to learn how to write great titles and descriptions to be found online. As a reseller, you need to multitask to do all of the above tasks. As a reseller, you have to be organized to develop an inventory system. You have to have these skills to be a successful reseller. If you practice the skills listed above you will have success selling online. With a lot of hard work, practice,  and research anyone can be a reseller. 

Read my article on antique reference sites

Top 20 items to resell from the Thrift

 If one is looking to find items at the thrift to resell it can be overwhelming because there is so much to pick from. It can be hard to choose which items to purchase. Before you pick items for resale you have to make sure the condition is very good. They can't be chipped or damaged in any way. After you make sense of some of its conditions, you can begin to select what items to resell. 

The top 20 items to resell from the thrift are;

1. vintage clothing is All the Rage with gen Zs and with most people. Try to pick up Classics like jeans, t-shirts, and other types of brand clothing. Make sure the clothing has no stains or damage. Make sure you can read the size of the item because you will have to write it in the description.

 2. vintage toys- vintage plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, board games, and overall toys are excellent items to resell. Especially, if it’s a collectible that is no longer made. It is a popular item to resell. An example: I found the 2003 Care Bear for a dollar at Thrift and am currently reselling on eBay for 16.99.

 3. vintage jewelry when looking at the thrift always look for vintage costume jewelry. You never know what you will find. You might find some fine costume signed pieces or sterling silver. Be on the lookout for Weiss, Trifari, Napier, Lagos, and many other signed brands. 

4.. vintage furniture is another popular item If you can find more furniture pieces like tables, chairs, or stands. You might find pieces to resell on Facebook Marketplace. Again make sure it's not wobbly and that is sturdy. Clean it up a bit before setting it up for resale.

 5. vintage Corning Ware dishes are popular for resale. Look for vintage patterns in bowls, plates, and casserole dishes. Look for the spice of life pattern among the casserole dishes. I sold some CorningWare plates Blue Ribbon design for $28 for a set of 10 it may take some time to sell but it does eventually.

 6. vintage mugs are collectible especially if the design is unique. Look for vintage Rae Dunn mugs as they are worth money, or vintage Starbucks mugs. Any mugs that is different and unique in design. Another brand to search for is otagiri mugs.

 7. vintage art books are valuable because the art books are expensive when first bought by the client. You will find you will be amazed how many are books I have found at the thrift for 50 Cents and resold for $12.00. I found a Goya art book at thrift which I sold for $10 and a Vermeer art book which I sold for $12. Coin books are another seller.

8. vintage crafts like crochet-knit needles or stencils and craft books are good sellers. you would be amazed how these things resell. I found a crochet needle in its original case from Bernard Areo made in England for $2 or resold it for $12 quickly because of the brand.

9. vintage records, cassettes, and CDs. There is a market for collectors who collect these items out of nostalgia. Or who want to hear the quality of sound on a vintage record. Depending upon the title some records are valuable and can be resold. An example is the Beatles records. 

10. holiday decorations are popular depending upon the holiday. You can pick up cute Collectibles like Easter Bunnies, or Ceramics Santa Claus or Halloween jack o lanterns,  just to name a few.

 11. vintage housewares like cake pans, pots, and window treatments are popular. People always need items for the house, especially if the item is a quality item. They will purchase for a few dollars.


12. vintage linens are collectible like embroidered tablecloths, vintage blankets, and hand-knitted Afghans these are popular items to resell on eBay.

 13.  Purses and Handbags are popular to resell. If you can find quality leather handbags or an unusual design. You can resell them on eBay or etsy. There's a market for old vintage purses online.

14. shoes are another popular items to resell if you can find shoes that are in great condition. They could be resold for a profit on sites like eBay.


15. vintage electronics if you can find vintage speakers or stereos. A lot of these items are collectible and can be found online. There's always a market for these items.


16. vintage computers- if you can find vintage computers working or non-working you can resell for parts. Many resellers resell vintage computer parts.


17. vintage small appliances at the thrift you can find blenders, grills, panini press, coffee machines working or non-working. You can sell replacement parts on eBay especially if the brand is expensive like ninja or vita-mix.


18. vintage comic books- finding vintage comics can be difficult to find at thrift. But if found they are very collectible and great for resale. You might find them online at 

19. vintage Sports items that you can find such as vintage golf clubs, bags, Golf covers, and many other sports that are popular for resale.

 20. vintage trading cards like baseball and other sports cards are popular to resell on eBay. On you can find sports cards. 

 In summary, most of these items you will find are at thrift stores, some will be found at  online thrift stores. You will find items to resell for profit because these are items that are the most popular find at the thrift stores.

As long as you examine condition , you can resell anything from the thrift. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How to decorate with faux flowers from the thrift?

 Thrift stores are a great place to find beautiful quality faux flowers. A lot of people donate silk flowers and faux flowers when they change their decor. Many dollar store flowers look really fake and are not good quality. At the thrift you never know what you will find but I Divine Providence, they have a section of faux flowers. I found an amazing faux floral arrangement in it's glass vase for $2. I went to HomeGoods and found similar arrangement for $20. I saved $18 on the arrangement and it looks real. At Lowe’s there was a 20in cream artificial silk Arrangement flowers that costs 82.99 dollars. Silk flowers are more expensive than real flowers. At they sell calla lily, tulip and Lily silk flowers for $189 as a group. Here is the floral arrangement I found a Divine Providence.

 I like to use faux flowers inside and outside the house. I have some faux flowers on the wall on my front porch. The birds love it too, I have to make sure they don't make a nest inside the wall planter. I found it for a dollar each. Here is the floral arrangement I have outside my front porch wall.

 I have another floral arrangement on an end table next to my living room lamp. I like a vibrant blue navy rose along with red Holly leaves against a bright white table. I found it at the same thrift and I paid only a dollar for it. Here is the floral arrangement I have on my end table.

 Some tips to find folks flowers in the thrift to decorate our;

 1. Look for faux flowers in the Thrift in the garden section it usually is with pots or gardening items. 

2. Once you find the faux flowers examine the condition of the flowers. Ask yourself if they look real or or to Fake? Are they in good condition?

3. If there are a lot of faux flowers try combining flowers to make a floral arrangement.

4. Look for florals that include the vases.  

5. Before shopping look at floral arrangements to get an idea of what florals you want to get at the thrift.

 A flower arrangement can make a lonely table find life. The way you position a floor arrangement can make a room depending on its size. The use of all flowers brings life to a room. A benefit to having full flowers is that you don't have to water these faux plants. There's minimal care for them and they never die.

 In summary, for flowers at the thrift can be a beautiful decorating element in a room. Depending upon the condition and the quality of the floor arrangement. You can find amazing deals at the thrift and you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Why Thrift Shopping is good for mental health?

Thrift shopping is good for mental health because there are so many benefits to shopping thrift. There is a Euphoria when you go through everything and find that amazing find. The happiness one feels when they find something unexpected or what they find if they have been looking for a specific object. It's thrilling and the feeling is an overall good feeling. Dopamine is released when you find an amazing deal at a thrift store. It is a mood enhancer released in the brain. If one suffers from depression or anxiety, this is a temporary way to enhance one's mood.

 Since Thrift shopping is good for the environment, it should make the customer feel good that they are doing their part to save the planet. The sustainability of thrifting makes us harbingers of Goodwill because we are trying to do our part to help the planet. According to EPA 84% of clothing go to landfills or incinerators. The average US citizen throws away between 70 to 81 lb of clothing and other textiles annually according to the Council of Textile Recycling. This clothing that is not used but is donated ends up being recycled textile. Transformed into Rags for Industrial Waste or ground into fiber to make insulation, carpet padding, or paper. Recycling those items reduce greenhouse gasses. Knowing that you are saving an item from a landfill should make you feel good.

 When you go thrifting, you are opening your senses up to different experiences. You are using most of your senses like touch, smell, hearing, and seeing to evaluate your Thrift finds. You are honing your senses to make it stronger when you shop thrift. When you feel a fabric or see it you feel the quality of it. Using your senses makes you happy because you use your senses to figure out the items. Even if you can't identify them right away. It leaves you guessing in some aspects. Therefore increasing the Intrigue and mystery. Therefore increasing your mood.

 Thrifting excites us because we save money during the adventure. We can save lots of money by not paying retail. Knowing that we will have incredible savings will make us really happy as we shop from one shop to another. We find amazingly good deals and we get excited over the find. Endorphins are released as we go shop to shop doing lots of walking and exercise as we hit these thrift stores. When you get some exercise, this chemical released increases your good mood.

 In summary, thrifting can be good for you and your mental health because of all of the above reasons. You are saving Items from a landfill, therefore, saving the planet. You are finding amazing deals, and you are saving money. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

How to Save Money by Shopping Thrift IN HWY 200 Corridor in Ocala Florida


How to save money by shopping Thrift in Ocala

 How to save money by shopping thrift includes saving money by setting a budget to shop Thrift. Depending upon your budget set you can shop for both quality and a large number of items at thrift stores. Shopping Thrift you can set up a small budget of 20 to $100 and find items for example clothing, housewares, and furniture.  Three of the most sort after items at thrift stores.

 Shop items at thrift stores.

 Some items found at thrift stores include furniture if you have a small budget you can find a couch for as low as $40 and a table for 10 dollars. Appliances can cost more at thrift stores but you find good deals. I personally found a deal on a  Whirlpool range, microwave, and dishwasher all for $295 at a Helping Hand thrift consignment shop. All in good shape and in a black color that matched with my stainless steel refrigerator. I bought it in 2017 and it continues to work well. Some of my favorite thrift stores include Divine Providence in Ocala Florida. I like to shop for clothing, houseware, and books. At this thrift shop, you can find clothing starting at $0.05 and up to $3 in the boutique part of the shop. 

You can find small appliance items, such as George Foreman grills, coffee machines, food processors, and blenders. Divine Providence has an electrical outlet so items can be tested. If you go into Helping Hands Across from Divine Providence you will find clothing starting at $4 dollars to $10 name brand clothing for example Chicos, Talbert's, Ann Taylor Loft, and Vera Wang, White House Black House. Just to name a few brands. Helping Hands sells higher-end thrift store finds including furniture and ceramic figurines. 

Another thrift store nearby Highway 200 is Habitat for Humanity they sell a lot of furniture and Architectural Salvage items such as bathroom sinks, fixtures, tile, flooring, doors, lamps, and appliances just to name a few. 

You can find great deals in the final thrift store located in Steeplechase Plaza in Ocala at the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store. This store sells a lot of furniture, appliances, books, and houseware.  It's one of my favorite thrift stores to find clothing starting at $4 and leather jackets for $20, Jewelry is at $2 for brooches, earrings, and $3 for necklaces. Books are .25 cents for softcover books and $0.50 for hardcover books.  The store has a toy section full of plushies and board games, a lot of figurines and housewares are sold at Sheriff's thrift stores. I found a copper dish and a Turkish brass pot. I found a cast-iron Cow doorstop for a dollar which I sold for $33 on eBay. I found Christmas nutcrackers for $1 each and I sold it for $30 as a set.  Some items I keep but some items I resell on eBay.  I have found amazing finds at these four neighborhood thrifts.  

In summary, If you are in the HWY 200 corridor of  Ocala Florida and you want to go thrift shopping in the area don’t miss these four places.  You will probably find amazing deals and find that vintage treasure

you are searching for.   

I am an Amazon affiliate any link you click on I get a commission if you purchase.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Thrifting Fun Unique One of a Kind Items

 Thrifting fun unique one-of-a-kind items.

 The Thrill of the hunt as I visit thrift stores makes me anxiously happy as I see as I scan through the items. There's nothing more exciting than looking for vintage treasures at the thrift. There are some thrifts where you can dig but for the most part, there are Thrifts that have orderly sections where you can find anything. Where can you find unique cupcake 1950’s old and pepper shakers? Or a unique small brass stand? These are just some examples of what I have found thrifting. Items so unique and one-of-a-kind you can't find anywhere else. 

The customer can find unique tee shirts or blouses at the thrift, along with other clothing. Items can be found for a few cents or a few dollars or very cheap. 

You know you have something unique

1. when you can't find it anywhere else? 

2. when you search online and can't find it? 

3 when others want to buy it from you 

4. When you want to keep it and not resell

5. when you don't recognize the label or brand. 

In summary, thrifting unique one-of-a-kind items can pay off, if you find something truly valuable. You can find unique one-of-a-kind items by digging at thrift stores. These Treasures found can be kept or resold depending upon what the buyer does. Thrifting is a fun unique experience.

How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

  It seems that Inflation has hit a 40 year high affecting everything from gas prices, housing, food, and consumer goods.  Inflation ...