Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pumice Stone to the rescue

"It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives". Ben Johnson

I have written about Pumice Stone before and how it has cleaned rust, lime, calcium stains from porcelain, tile, vinyl and ceramic.  I used the pumice stone on a pair of old rusted scissors that had been exposed to the elements and had rust on it.  I cleaned the rust off the scissors by wetting the stone than gently rubbing the rusted part of the scissors.  After I got  rust off I washed the grains of the stone with water and than dried it thoroughly.  Scissors are as good as new.

Rusted scissors

Rusted scissors being restored

Wash out grains of pumice stone

Clean off scissors

dry off and add WD 40 to get scissors to move easier

The scissors were hard to use but after drying it off, I sprayed some WD 40 spray or just add some oil to the middle part of the scissors so it opens and closes easier. 

Vintage Cards as Art

"Just trust yourself and you will learn how to live" Goethe

I save vintage Christmas cards, I get every year from friends and family and place them on walls, doors and tables to use as seasonal decoration during the holiday season. 

The beautiful religious designed and famous art reproduction cards, I place in wood frames to hang as art. I add these small frames to book cases and curios to create a unique treasured collected over the years look.


Vintage hat boxes as storage

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm". Emerson

I purchased this hat box at a department store in NYC named century 21; in lower Manhattan years ago, I have kept it to keep letters, small computer accessories, and now fabric and sewing notions. Hat boxes are a decorative way to store items neatly in plain sight. It's versatile and convenient to throw item in box and easily retrieve it, place them in a home office, livingroom corner or bedroom.


How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

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