Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trip to local Lowe's

Lowe's has great selection of  perrennials and annuals around the 200 corridor in Ocala.   I love visiting Lowe's and finding the next edition to my garden.

Shabby Chic recycled non working water fountain

This table top water fountain was generic nice gift I had gotten from a Neighbor in NYC about 10 years ago.  The water fountain stopped working so since I do not have any garden statues or sculptures outside, I decided to recycle this item by jazzing it up a bit and making it into a funky piece of art for my outside garden bed.

I painted it, glued some broken jewelry parts to it and added polished glass stones on  them. Now its a funky piece of art and not a contender for the land fills.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free ideas on decorating

There are many creative ways to save money by getting good ideas from home decorating sites and magazines.  House Beautiful, HGTV and BHG are sites that show rooms as galleries. By viewing the decorating sites, the photos of these rooms can inspire the user to create similar room with less expensive items. 

Many room styles repeat or come back in fashion by having some of those elements crossover into this modern day style.  An example: During the 1980's, many elements of the 1960's came back in fashion and in home decorating. 

Today, in modern decor, some elements of the 1950's fit in today's decor because 50's elements have a lot of clean lines, chrome, steel, teak woods.  Danish 50's furniture is very collectible and functional in modern decor.

Finding inspiration for decorating ideas, then locating similar furniture and accessories at Thrift Stores, outlet stores, liquidation sales. 

Have your dream home or room on your budget and don't have to purchase any magazines to do it.  Be Creative and yourself in your decorating, can't go wrong.

Home made Chocolate recipe

Home made Chocolate recipe

1 Cup of Cocoa Powder
1 Cup of Confectioners sugar
1 Cup of dry milk
1 pinch of salt
1 Cup of melted vegetable shortening, or coconut oil.
Optional 1 tsp of mint, orange, raspberry or hazelnut flavor extract.

Add dry ingredients together in a bowl than use a sieve to mix all dry ingredients together by shaking into another bowl.  If not mixed through sieve, the chocolate will have a grainy feel to it.  Slowly mix in either melted vegetable shortening or coconut oil until the chocolate is liquid in consistency. Add extract(optionally) to add specific flavor to chocolate. Use parchment cooking paper to line a flat cooking sheet pan, than add liquid chocolate to the pan. Place pan in refrigerator for 24 hours and a solid thin chocolate will form on the pan. Use the paper to break the chocolate into pieces. The chocolate recipe works with plastic candy molds too. I am not sure how the chocolate forms with metal molds.
Note:  The chocolate melts quickly, if left out of the refrigerator for longer than 30 minutes.
Here is the photos of the chocolate I made last month. I got this recipe from a youtube chef and modified recipe slightly with the flavor extract addition.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

CBO | CBO's 2011 Long-Term Budget Outlook

CBO | CBO's 2011 Long-Term Budget Outlook

This upcoming election is too important to listen to spin from both sides of the media.  Fox news has its GOP slant and CNN and Msnbc has its democratic party slant.  I urge voters to go to the horse's mouth or the information well as termed as going straight to the source.  Read the information yourself and make up your own mind as too what is really going on in Capitol Hill.

I like to write about fun, entertaining, gardening, crafts, travel, recycling and occassionally politics. I believe in the importance of everyone having the right to vote.  It's troubling that some states have passed legislation to make it harder for voters to vote.  Many states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida have tried to pass laws that would limit the vote for elderly, first time voters, and the poor by passing voter ID laws.  The main public would think that this is reasonable until they find out the details of how hard it is for some people to get access to the data they need to get a state issue id.  For instance, many would have to order a valid accepted birth certificate from their birth state that takes about 4-6 weeks.  Many state and city agencies require the new short form birth certificate and accept that only, not the hospital issued birth certificates. 

As in the extraordinary case of Puerto Rico about two years, the government issued a statement that all Puerto Ricans living on and off the island would have to get a new birth certificate as proof of citizenship to various applications to government programs. To get a driver's license, to get verified for student loans, application for various government programs in and around the U.S.  The government did this because some employees at their office of demographics and vital statistics were involved in selling blank original birth certificates to ID theft rings around the country so they had to overhaul the whole system and place safeguards so that this problem would not happen again.

Problems with id theft has prompted many state's attempts to eliminate voter fraud in their state elections.  Unfortunately, many of the poor and the elderly who may not be financially or well informed of new voter laws will not be able to vote when they appear at the voting booth. 

Everyone should be upset, Republicans and Democrats that people will not be able to express their right to vote.  This is an assault on our guaranteed right to vote, if we start to disenfrancise voters this will question if this election cycle can be acknowledged as a legimate election where all were allowed to participate.  Already with these superpacs pouring money into this election, it allows for corporate and lobbyist interests to have a direct impact on who will win this election, which necessarily does not mean the best person for the job.

Don't take my word for itself go the source and read it for yourself. The media has lost a lot of credibility because cable news and radio talkshows have influenced the public with opinions and news slanted with political viewpoints.  
When you hear Chris Matthews declare he gets a thrill up his leg every time President Obama talks or when Sean Hannity calls the President the "anointed One" in each and every show broadcast.  These  two extreme examples showcase the media bias on both sides. This election is very important because both sides have stark different political agendas and viewpoints that will fundamentally change America. 

Don't use the media as your guide to this election, use your own judgement by getting the facts by independent sources such as politifact, rasmussen, and government websites such as the senate, the house and whitehouse. 

To read Paul Ryans budget go to or

To read what the Whitehouse has achieved visit

Visit the link above  to read the CBO's report on economy and budget deficit reduction comparision of GOP and Democratic plans.