Saturday, December 15, 2012

Home made heating pad out of a cotton sock

Make a heating pad out of a cotton sock

When my mom had physical therapy for her chronic osteoarthritis condition, the physical therapist that had her do simple exercises gave us a great tip of making a home made heating pad. Instead of purchasing heating patches that are disposable, take a single cotton sock and fill it with uncooked rice about 3/4 filled; then tie the end of the sock. Place the cotton filled sock into the microwave and heat for 30-40 seconds. This will keep the heat on the sock for about fifteen to twenty minutes, this can be applied on the sore area such as the back, the neck and the shoulders. This really helps to remove aches and pain and I use it til this day  after a day of gardening or home improvement chores. If you need more applications, then reheat in microwave as many times as necessary.

Home made remedies to restore wood furniture

Home made remedies to restore wood furniture

Remove water stains from wood furniture using white wax and olive oil, melt the wax in olive oil over low heat then rub the stain with the solution on a soft cloth. Hide scratches in dark wood by mixing 10 days of vinegar and four drops of iodine. First place vinegar in bowl and add iodine one drop at a time to match wood color, mix it then dab with cloth on the scratches. Wipe off quickly with soft cloth.


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