Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What makes you unique and an asset?

What makes you unique?

As I searched on line on Google I kept getting this question as a job interview question on several sites.  How many of us can accurately answer this question about ourselves? I thought.  How can we examine ourselves to find the answer to this question.   What makes you unique in reality is what makes you different from the rest such as personality skill set, confidence, things that set you apart from others. Things that make you one of a kind and valuable to yourself and others.  According to article in psychology today, based on a study with twins showed that genes matter.  In fact, they concluded that the environment did little to increase intelligence but rather that genes help the environment.  According to same article, another study determined that DNA alone does not determine the person but rather the environment  and experiences one has determines the person, especially " the development of trait of characteristics". According to study by David Moore.    Parenting matters " parenting behaviors  are determined by genes".   "Nature and Nurture are complementary not at odds to make the individual who they are.  This article is by Scott Barry Kaufman.
What makes you unique is a combination of genes and the environment  you grow in that make you who you are.  Your personality is what makes unique and different?  Be who you are regardless.

What makes a great mind?

What makes a great mind?

We may not be the next Einstein or Stephen Hawkings but as individuals we are all unique in mind and in spirit. 
Traditional society defines a great mind as a genius as having the  highest level of intellectual or creative functioning possessed by a person of such capa- ability.
There are other areas of a great  mind such as creativeness, the ability to create or invent original content, art or products with ingenuity and ease.
According to wiki how  article a great mind develops as the person finds ways to make the brain active by "thinking, doing activities independently, being creative, learning a new language,not being emotional, and getting a good nights sleep"
Our minds are conditioned to function as normal because we rarely exercise our brains.  I read an article where it said that the majority of Americans don't read  a book and that they are reading below 12th grade level.  On the Internet there has been an increase of free classes whether it be language or coding classes many are free, in an attempt  to educate the population for jobs of the future.   It is up to fellow Americans to take advantage of these courses. 
There has been a debate of nature vs nurture or heredity vs environment  over what creates an individuals intelligence, drive or social class mobility. Is it that some are born intelligent and adaptable or can it be nurtured and learned in an environment that is conducive to learning.
According to Penguin Dictionary of psychology intelligence is broken into three categories,  concrete(crystalized), fluid(abstract), and non verbal.   Concrete is the absorption of hard facts.  Fluid is the ability to solve problems creatively.  Non verbal intelligence is the  ability to demonstrate intelligence through performance on tasks without speaking.
Intelligence is measured with IQ tests and is divided in to these three categories.  According to by Nic Vaquez, there is an article named 8 habits of a great mind.  The author studied the habits and traits of geniuses like Einstein and Newton and he found the following;  that they were not easily discouraged, tried to improve themselves, measured progress against their own standards, they were risk takers, they were curious, they were passionate, and they wrote down their ideas.
In summary what makes a great mind is the constant improvement of the mind through education and creative thinking.
Great minds aren't born but they are created.  Anyone can have a great mind through hard work and learning.