Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What makes you unique and an asset?

What makes you unique?

As I searched online on Google I kept getting this question as a job interview question on several sites.  How many of us can accurately answer this question about ourselves? I thought.  How can we examine ourselves to find the answer to this question?   What makes you unique in reality is what makes you different from the rest such as personality skill set, confidence, things that set you apart from others. Things that make you one of a kind and valuable to yourself and others.  How do you express this answer on paper?  How do you fully answer this interview question without sounding too overbearing? I mean, you would normally recount your achievements and successes when answering this question to set yourself apart from the rest of the interviewees. Is there another answer to this question a more scientific answer to this question? 
According to an article in psychology today, based on a study with twins showed that genes matter.  In fact, they concluded that the environment did little to increase intelligence but rather that genes help the environment.  
In a contradictory explanation and according to the same article, another study determined that DNA alone does not determine the person but rather the environment and experiences one has determined the person, especially " the development of trait of characteristics". According to a study by David Moore.  Parenting matters " parenting behaviors are determined by genes".   "Nature and Nurture are complementary not at odds to make the individual who they are.  This article is by Scott Barry Kaufman. So, which is it? Is it nature vs nurture or vice versa?  
I think that the environment plays a major factor in increasing intelligence after all we are not born with inherent knowledge.  We learn in school and in the environment, we grow up in. In reality, it is a combination of both genes and environment that play an important role in your dealings with society.  After all, does having good genes help one adapt to the environment they are in? I think so.  

In summary, What makes you unique is a combination of genes and the environment you grow in that make you who you are.  Your personality is what makes you unique and different?  Personality is developed through environment and genes. Be who you are regardless. So when you answer that question on the interview sheet or in person. Simply say that you are unique and an asset because of your upbringing and just describe it as best as you can.

What makes a great mind?

What makes a great mind?

We may not be the next Einstein or Stephen Hawkings but as individuals, we are all unique in mind and in spirit. 
Traditional society defines a great mind as a genius as having the highest level of intellectual or creative functioning possessed by a person of such capability.
There are other areas of a great mind such as creativeness, the ability to create or invent original content, art, or products with ingenuity and ease.
According to wiki how  article a great mind develops as the person finds ways to make the brain active by "thinking, doing activities independently, being creative, learning a new language, not being emotional, and getting a good nights sleep"

Our minds are conditioned to function as normal because we rarely exercise our brains.  I read an article where it said that the majority of Americans don't read a book and that they are reading below 12th-grade level.  On the Internet, there has been an increase of free classes whether it be language or coding classes many are free, in an attempt to educate the population for jobs of the future.   It is up to fellow Americans to take advantage of these courses. 

There has been a debate of nature vs nurture or heredity vs environment over what creates an individual's intelligence, drive, or social class mobility. Is it that some are born intelligent and adaptable or can it be nurtured and learned in an environment that is conducive to learning.
According to the Penguin Dictionary of psychology, intelligence is broken into three categories,  concrete(crystalized), fluid(abstract), and non-verbal.   Concrete is the absorption of hard facts.  Fluid is the ability to solve problems creatively.  Non-verbal intelligence is the ability to demonstrate intelligence through performance on tasks without speaking.

Intelligence is measured with IQ tests and is divided into these three categories.  According to by Nic Vaquez, there is an article named 8 habits of a great mind.  The author studied the habits and traits of geniuses like Einstein and Newton and he found the following; they were not easily discouraged, tried to improve themselves, measured progress against their own standards, were risk-takers, were curious, they were passionate, and they wrote down their ideas.

In summary what makes a great mind is the constant improvement of the mind through education and creative thinking.
Great minds aren't born but they are created.  Anyone can have a great mind through hard work an learning.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to make the Internet friendlier

How to make the Internet friendlier

I always say an anonymous troll will deflate the Internet as quickly as an airless balloon.   What is a troll?  It isn't those hairy scary trolls on the tip of your pens, they were popular baxk in the 1980s.

  On the Internet, trolls are users that follow well-trafficked pages and write negative comments, harassing the author and the people who comment on the page.   Usually, trolls do this to gain recognition, likes, and traffic to their sites.  These trolls say hideous, inflammatory comments anonymously because they don't have the courage or strength of character to stand by their words. They are afraid of being sued or if comments are harassing having criminal charges placed on them.  Unfortunately, we give these trolls an audience and that's why we have all of this online bullying and lack of civility on the Internet. 
These trolls hamper freedom of speech and promote bullying that is why the Internet should eliminate anonymous comments.  Freedom of speech has to be protected especially from those that would shut it down completely with their vile comments.  If they are brave enough to write it then they should be brave enough to own their own words and thoughts will out fear.  
Anonymous postings only encourage online bullying and hamper freedom of speech.  These trolls hide behind Freedom of speech, our founding fathers protected that right so people would not be afraid to speak out.  The trolls want to hamper and limit the freedom of speech of others that disagree with them not by disagreeing on policy or ideas but by personally attacking the author or fellow users on the blog.   Down with trolls.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Junk Drawer Organization

Junk Draw Organization

I use recycled check book boxes as small storage for drawers.  I clean out the junk  drawer by placing small items in boxes.  The larger items are placed towards the back of drawer neatly in rows.  Get a folder for menus and place manuals in a clear plastic bag.  You don't need to invest in expensive organizing trays and gadgets if you want to organize your junk drawer for this year.

Aloe socks helped my dad's feet.

Aloe socks helped my dad's feet
These aloe socks and gloves have helped my dad's dry cracked feet become smooth.  I have removed dry skin due to the socks.  At 9.99 it is  good buy at bed bath and beyond. 

Why Norweigens laughed at Trump after shit hole comment

Why Norweigens laughed at Trump after shithole comment.

A reporter asked a random Norweigan woman what she thought of Trump calling African nations and Latin America a shit hole and how he said they needed more Norweigens coming into the U.S.  The lady had no comment and started to laugh. That was the reaction of most Norweigens as they heard the news.  Why would they come to America, if their country provides universal health care, free education, pensions,and social security and other benefits.Norway has gun control laws so they are not killing each other off on a daily basis like in America.This nation of 5 million has a social welfare state that allows for Capitalism but believes in providing its citizens benefits so they can progress.There is little unemployment at 4%, most work to pay the high income taxes to provide these universal services.  So Norweigens may consider the US to be a shit hole country thats why they laugh.

Friday, January 19, 2018

How to turn an unused lanai into a third guest bedroom

How to turn an unused lanai into a third guest bedroom.

When creating a third guest bedroom from an idle lanai, you must first decide if room is large enough and will be comfortable.Many vacant lanai's are not climate controlled meaning that they are not insulated so when remaining room is hot in the summer due  to the sun or very cold in the winter due to frigid temperatures.  If it is in the budget  insulation should be added to ceilings and windows to make room more climate friendly.   But if you're like me who doesn't have the budget to add insulation, here are some other steps to take to turn that unfamilar lanai into a third guest room. First weatherstrip all windows by caulking the out side of windows.   Secondly, caulk the baseboards and the outlet to weatherproof room a little.If unaccounted room is large enough assess if the vacant room can serve dual purpose. By making it into a bedroom slash exercise/craft room like i my case.  I added two twin beds a dresser and a nightstand on one side half of room than on other half of room I added a tall cabinet as my craft center and a thread mill for exercise.  I added a screen to separate both spaces.  I added a rolling closet for clothes as well.   I added a space heater and a fan for comfort and now I have a brand new space.    Here are photos

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ART is Personal

Art work can be both expensive and inexpensive but it is personal because Art speaks to a person's individual tastes and likes.  The same artwork can be interpreted differently by people, some can be offended and others not.  I like the American and Puerto Rican flags as art.  I hand painted a dining table with American flag design and covered an art canvas with the Puerto Rican flag.  Here are the photos

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why Dems are underestimating Trump again?

I am a registered Democrat but I think I am more of an Independent.  I don't like it when either party is an extremes whether you're a Bernie Saunders democrat or a Louie Gomer Republican both extremes are bad because common sense is ignored. 
The Dems. are talking about impeachment when they know that Trump hasn't been proven to have done anything illegal only immoral.  The Democrats are using the recent tax plan as a main point of opposition towards Trump and republicans.  The Democrats have forgotten that the tax increase on middle class will be 8 years later. Meanwhile, more people will see more money in their checks and more confidence in economy.  If economy continues to grow the republicans will claim its the tax plan.  The democrats only have the argument that in 8 years that tax cut will expire. 
In the time Trump has entered office he has managed to keep his word to his base.  Trump has created a ban on Muslims, he is trying  to get the wall to be built, he is trying to eliminate Obama care among other promises.   Trump has kept his promises to tackle these issues,  he makes the argument that Congress has failed to pass.  Although, many Americans disagree with policies, I think many Americans respect the fact that Trump is keeping his word to his base.  In a world where politicians make promises and don't keep it, people respect that he is keeping his word.  The democratic party hasn't announced any new ideas or policies, nor have they recruited any new people.  The dems are floating around Joe Biden as a possible Presidential candidate, really again.  The democratic party needs to grow and have new popular policies and popular candidates, maybe the Rock could run.  Who knows?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Is it really DIY if you get help

I enjoy DIY projects because I get a lot of pride knowing I did a project myself.  There are times that that DIY project can be a lot harder than it looks.  There may be a project that may be too hard to tackle and  you need professional trades people to help.  You can order the  materials and become the product manager on job, but its no longer DIY if you get a pro to finish the job.   It is hard to acknowledge when a job is too much to handle; but its better to get help now so  that you don't pay more in the long run for a DIY disaster.

How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

  It seems that Inflation has hit a 40 year high affecting everything from gas prices, housing, food, and consumer goods.  Inflation ...