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Decorate home with no money in budget

How to reuse common household items at home to decorate, when there is no money in the budget. No money in the budget to decorate this Spring , use household objects around the home and create a new life from unused items. Many Americans are chosing to recycle and upcycle household items to sell, save and decorate their home. Etsy is a great site to find local artisans and craft people doing this on their online shops. Every household has plumbing pipes either pvc or iron pipes and wood in their garages. Finding items that can be reused to create cool looking shelves. HGTV and DIY offers great instructions on how to create these shelves and even book cases from these items. Have some bed sheets that haven't been used in awhile, consider making them into curtains, add a lining to the back of the sheet and use fabric paint along with a stencil to change a solid color bedsheet. Have some vintage curtains that have a funky design consider making

Free Sites that offer Free Books online

Free Sites that offer free ebooks online The Internet is great source for finding free e-books online, from virtually every subject. If you want to find classics for adults and children, try . If you are looking for tech books in science, civil engineering or computer science try these two sites: or . If you are looking for both free and books to purchase try , , and . Save money and enhance your job security by learning a new skill and increase your knowledge .   A photo from my book collection, I love vintage books the older the better Tweet