Friday, March 21, 2014

Socialism in Venezuela or dictatorship?

American media has largely ignored the events in Venezuela by playing a one second sound bite on English media. CNN en espanol has been on top of the Venezuelan news coverage from day one. Venezuela is going the way of Cuba in its politics, and its fierce anti-American sentiment. Many Latin American countries are following the same direction calling it Socialism when it is actually Dictatorship. It is easier to place a Socialism label on the current events so that these governments can begin a propaganda campaign to lull society to their way of thinking and at the same time not revealing to its citizens the loss of their rights in their Democratic countries before regime. Venezuela was a democratic country before Chavez ideology or Chavismo came into society; since Maduro's election into power. Chavismo has accelerated Chavez's policies within the year he has taken power, since then Maduro has forced businesses to lower prices by taking over companies; censoring the media, changing the Constitution so that the President could suspend it, in cases of emergency threats to governance; he has threatened to arrest the head of Venezuelan assembly, she is staunch opposer of Maduro. On March 19th, he removed a mayor from a town that has had protests; and placed a new mayor without any elections. The old saying nothing is for free? Many of the poor and disenfranchised in Venezuela support Maduro but at what cost; what they don't realize is that one day; this fighter of the poor will say I am instituted in power. The people gave up that power; once he has a strong army, strong governance and crushed opposition; he won't need the people any more. Maduro will become another corrupt strong dictator funneling out money from Venezuela; awhile the people suffer from the lack of resources, lack of freedom and liberty and opportunities allowed by Democratic society they were willing and allowed to be taken away from them. The definition of Socialism by Merriam Webster dictionary states "various economic and political theories advocating the collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods". There is no concept of private ownership of private property; and everything is owned by government. Venezuela was a democratic country before Chavez; but like many corrupt nations around the world did nothing to address extreme poverty issues and social problems in the country. Venezuela is divided between the haves and the have not's; Venezuela has nationalized private citizens assets of the rich and upper classes and of businesses. Meanwhile; using oil revenues to pay for social programs for the poor; Venezuela's poverty rates from 1999 went from 73% to 29% today. In these socialist countries like Venezuela; higher education is free. I don't understand why Maduro would promote this narrative that there is an attempt of an overthrow of power when the students protesting were no threat to the armed military and police. There have been deaths on both sides since the protests; reports of torture and censoring social media to keep out news of what is happening in Venezuela. Inflation and severe product shortages have led to crime increasing and discontent by opposition of Maduro and of Chavismo. The failed policies are seen as the destruction of the economy and Venezuelans took to the streets to protest; the days of protests led to police to fire upon protesters; in addition; to allegations that police wearing plain clothes to look like protesters ignited violence to attack protesters. This is a Socialist regime turning into a dictatorship; when US conservative politicians use extreme rhetoric to attack President Obama about Socialism or that American Democracy is being lost. These politicians should look at what is happening in Venezuela and examine a real Socialist government; instead creating a false political narrative to appease uninformed base.

How to wash a crocheted vintage lined purse

I was afraid to wash a vintage old crocheted purse that my mom owned. It is in very good condition, the issue with it is that I've noticed that the purse has yellowed with age and has turned brittle. I don't want to damage the purse by washing it in harsh detergents or in washing machine. I was not sure what was the best method to wash purse and find a way to soften it again. After searching online, I found some articles related to topic; there were no articles on how to wash or care for a vintage crocheted purse. I decided to soak the purse in warm water and dish detergent for three hours then I washed the purse in the delicate cycle in warm water with little liquid detergent and fabric softener. It whitened the purse but it did not soften exterior.  I have to keep searching online for tips on restoring old bag.  This bag is very 1970s cool that's why I will attempt to find method to fix bag.
Hip fashion from the 1970s.


Stop the TransCanada KeyStone XL Pipeline

The media has failed to inform the general public about the real terms of this pipeline. At first, I was like many who supported the idea of being energy independent and using our allies and neighbor's oil instead of Middle eastern and Venezuelan exports. As more facts began to become exposed; including that the oil from Canada would actually go through the pipeline to the gulf to be exported to China and Europe. America would not get the oil; meanwhile assuming all of the environmental risk and damage of this tar sands oil which is dirtier and heavier than petroleum oil to the environment. The pipe line would be built over a natural aquifer which is the largest and cleanest in Nebraska. Nebraskans such as farmers and ranchers have led the fight against Trans Canada Keystone Pipe line that are afraid of the potential of a pipe line leak that could damage the aquifer and all of the natural clean resources in that region. Trans Canada and GOP conservative politicians from Nebraska and the Dakotas which have had a pipeline leak from this oil company; have lied to the public stating that many jobs would be created. The truth is that about 300 temporary jobs for the construction of pipe line would be created and 35 permanent jobs to monitor and run the pipe line operations would be created. Constituents have been sent emails stating that their energy costs would increase if the pipe line were not built. This is the reason why Americans have lost trust in their own government. The people being better informed due to social media and 24 hour news coverage; are armed with knowledge that can no longer be hidden behind closed door committees. President Obama ultimately has to decide on this pipe line; but I hope that those outraged farmers and ranchers in Nebraska hold their local politicians accountable for not listening to their own voters in 2014.

How Inflation is affecting the thrift stores

  It seems that Inflation has hit a 40 year high affecting everything from gas prices, housing, food, and consumer goods.  Inflation ...