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Tips when painting small projects

My last project was a computer desk, I had some old paint that I had from another project that was about 4 months old. The two colors I had were complete opposites and I wanted a strong color, not vanilla or white again, so I mixed black and white paint together and created this grape color. I was surprised I thought I would get a gray hue but I got this color instead and it worked. I saved the rest that I did not use and plan to use for a stencil project on a cabinent. If there is old paint around consider mixing paints to create a new color and using it on a project around the home, is great way to not waste left over paint. Don't let it dry up and waste, keep it out of land fills. There are paint tray liners that sell for about 8- 12 dollars in home stores, these are great for saving time by letting the paint not reach the tray therefore keeping it clean. Instead of purchasing one of these tray liners, just wrap a plastic bag around the tray and stretch out the b

Best vintage postcard images from my collection

  Postcards are history saved in time through photos and vintage logos. First US postcard was sent on June 1 st 1873. The austrians invented the postcards but the germans are credited with design and creation of first postcard. I am starting to collect vintage Bronx, Puerto Rico and Ocala postcards, I found very few from Ocala, on eBay but found many for the Bronx. It's really interesting to see the sites that you recognize now and how the landmarks have changed throughout the century especially in NY. This was Bronx Borough Hall in 1906, this building no longer stands, but the base and the staircase is still at same place 177th st and East Tremont Avenue.  The stairs and the base has these arched doors that are sealed in concrete block.  It is currently part of the park on Park avenue and East Tremont, about two blocks away from Cross Bronx expressway. This is the back of the postcard, look at the penmanship that the writer had at that time , pretty cool  G