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Old San Juan folklore and photos

Mountainside of Arecibo PR Side of road at El Yunque rain forest at Rio Grande, PR Town square of San Juan Puerto Rico Entrance of San Cristobal Fortress in San Juan PR Old Church in town square the side of el Morro in San Juan aero view of el Morro in San Juan The capitol in San Juan Old San Juan folklore and photos These are photos of a trip I took to San Juan a few years ago. I went with a neighbor to San Juan and El Morro fort. I was told this story about a legend about a giant rock formation that is across the bridge of the two brothers or "Puente de los dos Hermanos". This bridge connects old San Juan to Isla Verde Condado. The legend goes that during the 16th century there was a captain of a Spanish galleon who was returning home to San Juan, it was a stormy evening and the galleon struck a rock coming into the port of Puerto Rico. The captain's dog saw the galleon sinking from the coast and swam into the ocean lookin

My garden Part III Eggplants

From my garden Part III Eggplants My vegetables are growing at slower pace and not as large as before so I may have to add more seeds to my tomato plants. Some of my plants have been getting insects since I stopped using the sprinkler system and started to hand water. I think I am going to go back to the sprinklers, it help keep pests out of the garden. Here are photos of vegetables from my garden; cucumbers, tomatoes, tomato plant, peppers and cilantro seeds.