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Coffee Can Straw Dispenser

Coffee Can Straw Dispenser Don't throw away those tin coffee cans especially if they have nice designs on them; use as planters or as a straw dispenser/holder. Use them to hold and organize cooking utensils. There are many uses for these aluminum cans besides recycling them.  

Old Vintage WOOD shelf as Towel Rack

This  old wood shelf was found in the house that my parents purchased in 2001.  It was rotted on the sides of the shelf.  The wood was oak color, faded and dusty.  The nails were hanging out of it, so I went to work on it immediately. I sanded and stained the wood with a dark stain.  I took some wood glue and long nails, and reattached the shelves and the two sides of the shelf together.  I  clamped the entire shelf.  The next day I attached two hanging hooks on the back of the shelf, and then I used wood filler to fill in the rotted wood.  I restored the edges by using wood filler to rebuild bottom edges of shelf.  I stained the shelf with a dark mahogany finish. It has this unique character to it; a very restored look to it, I guess. It looks good enough to add to a small bathroom wall. For a few years, I used it as a plant shelf and then a laundry room shelf. I decided to hang it on the wall in the bathroom as a towel rack over a towel bar hook.  It was very heavy to hang on the

Old Microwave plate used as trivet lazy suzan

Old Microwave plate used as trivet lazy suzan This microwave plate and its rolling plate holder have been recycled as a lazy suzan trivet plate. I placed it on the counter top next to the stove and I place my hot pots on it to protect the counter top.  Since it spins its easy to move the pot or add other plates. I don't throw it out since the microwave stopped working and had to purchase a smaller one. The plate was too big so I had to reuse in another way.