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Mundillo Puerto Rican vintage craft

On Pinterest, I found an amazing DIY Mundillo craft project of creating a travel pillow with the old Puerto Rican micro crochet knit craft of Mundillo.  This old craft dates back to the early 1700s and there is a museum dedicated to this beautiful craft.  Beautiful collars are created using bobbins. The link shows how the project is created using Mundillo .

Chalk Paint an upcycler's medium

Chalk paint comes in many colors besides black; its the ideal paint to use on many surfaces. It can be used on furniture; walls and planters. These surfaces are ideal for writing on to label plants directly on planters. Great for kids to create art on walls and not get in trouble for writing on the walls.  Finally, creating one of a kind unique furniture pieces with the various color selections available and allowing art and words to be written right on the surface.  It's an amazing medium that many crafters on Etsy and various sites are using to create one of a kind furniture pieces. There are many paints that are great for DIY projects and are great to use on specific projects, such as mirror paint which makes glass have a mirrored look.  There are lacquer paints, great for furniture or small wood boxes.  Fabric paints that are for textiles.  There is a paint for every imagined project and with the great invention of YouTube, there are crafters and DIY crafts people teachi