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Savings House- Saving Money Shopping and Thrifting: I love color

Savings House- Saving Money Shopping and Thrifting: I love color : I love color This is the norm at home, I hate bland beige walls which have no personality.  I prefer a splash of color everywhere so th...

Why CNN should Change their outdated news format

CNN known as Cable News Network has had the same 24hr repetitive news service since the 1980s since Ted Turner created it. The news that is played on the network is mainly of a political nature and less of what is happening around the U.S. The news network plays the same news constantly and they keep reporting it as breaking news when they have repeated it for over an hour. Fox News has contrasted itself because it promotes news from around the U.S. and abroad along with political news all with a conservative point of view. Although Fox News has propagated fake news and false reporting, it's the appearance of promoting real news is in its format. Often beating CNN in ratings with editorial shows like Hannity. Although CNN has news shows like Cuomo and Anderson Cooper 360, it doesn't differentiate itself from the political news of the day and is a continuation of the daytime news coverage. CNN should cover more topics the way PBS does; it covers interesting world news topi