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Why thrift store reselling is ethical and not unethical?

  Why thrifting and reselling is ethical and not unethical? I read an article in the North Texan Daily where the writer wrote that reselling is unethical because it causes the thrift store prices to rise. Therefore making it less affordable for the community that relies on these items.   The writer argues that thrifting has become trendy and no longer has a stigma or shame attached to it.  The writer cites a 2010 Pennsylvania State University study which "showed that lower-income individuals more often purchased clothing, furniture, and household goods. Whereas higher-income individuals purchased trinkets and antiques and shopped less frequently." The writer concluded that low-income shoppers thrift as a "necessity" whereas the higher-income shopper thrift as a "commodity".  Therefore making reselling unethical by purchasing low-priced items and reselling for higher profit.   The writer writes about the gentrification of the thrift industry as wealthier an