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Vintage Bronx Postcard McKinley Square

RC76SCN9VTTY    I love sharing postcards from my vintage postcard collection especially old Bronx postcards that date back to the 1900's.  This postcard is about 1904 and what is so great about it, is that it shows the location where my family lived.  I know the location well and it's interesting to see how dramatically McKinley Square has changed over the years. McKinley Square Vintage Post card 1904

File Cabinet Make over

If the kitchen is small in size; like my kitchen, a standard size island won't fit. I have two file cabinets I bought for 4.00; they were originally a rusted blue color.  I painted them black and used them as file cabinets in a Florida room area as storage. Since; the Florida room is not climate controlled, I removed files into new durable plastic file totes instead.  RC76SCN9VTTY  token number This is a 4.00 file cabinet, I had painted black a few years back Planning to create a small kitchen island for my ultra small kitchen , see the project below Now I have two file cabinets I don't use; so I decided to re purpose them into two mobile storage. One will become a small island; the other will be a small rolling tool storage cabinet. I repainted one of the cabinets white and purchased a furniture stencil/wall stencil Moorish design.  I painted it blue.  I bought some metal castors and added it to the bottom of the  cabinet. I placed a large cutting board on the top