Thursday, March 14, 2013

File Cabinet Make over

If the kitchen is small in size; like my kitchen, a standard size island won't fit. I have two file cabinets I bought for 4.00; they were originally a rusted blue color.  I painted them black and used them as file cabinets in a Florida room area as storage. Since; the Florida room is not climate controlled, I removed files into new durable plastic file totes instead. 

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This is a 4.00 file cabinet, I had painted black a few years back

Planning to create a small kitchen island for my ultra small kitchen , see the project below

Now I have two file cabinets I don't use; so I decided to re purpose them into two mobile storage. One will become a small island; the other will be a small rolling tool storage cabinet. I repainted one of the cabinets white and purchased a furniture stencil/wall stencil Moorish design.  I painted it blue.  I bought some metal castors and added it to the bottom of the  cabinet. I placed a large cutting board on the top of the cabinet that is removable. I added a magnetic curtain rod as a small towel holder .I plan to add a power strip cord on the side of the cabinet to add electrical appliances. 

Primed and painted white

Painted blue

Bought furniture stencil at royal design stencils for 29.00. Great for walls and furniture

Started stencil at top

Before stencilling, layout stencil to know what design you want on the front, then start one part, of cabinet, then start at the other part until stencil drys

Make an old file cabinet new

Line up the stencils to the starting point of the design

This stencil had a moorish design with diamonds on the end, see how I lined up the diamond pattern

Keep finishing the stencil design make sure paint is dry before laying stencil on designed portion

Just design the front of it or if you want to stencil the whole cabinet  it could be done

First stencil the file cabinet, next phase add castors on bottom

Here is closer image

Walter Drake adhesive castors are a great solution if you don't want to drill  them at bottom of cabinet. castors cost 14.99

Place cabinet upside down, clean where castors will go on, self stick adhesive castors, press firmly on the side of cabinet and bottom. Leave in this position overnight

Make sure castors are firmly pressed into the side and bottom of cabinet, add a clamp if needed

Add a magnetic curtain rod to the side to hold a dish towel, bought at Big lots three years ago for 2.00

Add self stick hooks to place utensils at quick reach

Great when you need to have a cooking utensil or kitchen gadget on hand

Use drawers to hide counter top appliances

Hiding my deep fryer

hiding my slow cooker

Add a cutting board on the top

Wala! File cabinet island at your service

Gotta have a hook hand here

Here's the finished product

It works for my really small, I can't fit a full size island kitchen

I used the two file cabinet drawers to hid counter appliances and store groceries.   Tell me what you think of that finished product; I appreciate  your comments.   

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