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How to make the Internet friendlier

How to make the Internet friendlier I always say an anonymous troll will deflate the Internet as quickly as airless balloon.   What is a troll?  It isn't those hairy scary trolls on the tip of your pens , they were popul ar back in the eighties.   On the Internet, trolls are users that follow well trafficked pages and write negative comments,  harass the author and the people who  comment on the page.   Usually, trolls do this to gain recognition, likes, and traffic to their sites.  These trolls say hideous, inflammatory comments anonymously because they don't have the courage or strength of character to stand by their words. They are afraid of being sued or if comments are harassing having criminal charges placed on them.  Unfortunately, we give these trolls an audience and thats why we have all of this on line bullying and lack of civility on the Internet. These trolls hamper freedom of speech and promote bullying that is why the Internet should eliminate anonymous comments.