Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arch Diocese of NY claims no responsibility over smaller catholic cemeteries in NY State

the problem our family has fought to correct since March 21, 2011 when we first learned of terrible error. The cemetery refused to fix mistake because they have potentially many other graves that could be in similar situation. I learned that religious cemeteries in NY state are Unregulated, so remember that when you bury a loved one at a religious cemetery in NY. In N.Y.S the cemetery follows NY state Health Code; the Arch Diocese is supposed to be regulating but they  handle large cemeteries; as their cemetery division claims. St Raymond's is the largest Catholic Cemetery in the Bronx, but they claim only local parish handles the operations and they have no control over that parish? Really? Read my site,  Read the whole story plus see photos and documents posted. Federal regulation is the key to stop cemeteries from making errors and fraud as in our case.

 Read story at and check out NY daily news on October 19th 2011, edition.

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