Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheap method of creating a mattress whole bed cover

 The latest news about bedbugs taking over new york City has made some of the residents and tourists kind of  anxious about bringing some of these critters back home.  

The way to keep bedbugs out of your mattress is to keep the bugs from entering the mattress in the first place.  Purchasing a whole bed mattress cover is the best method to keep them out , but these whole bed covers range in the prices of 100.00 to as much as 279.00 according to the sizes of the mattress.  Instead of purchasing a whole mattress cover, that is so expensive; purchase two inexpensive mattress covers according to the size of the mattress.  Place one mattress cover on one side of the mattress then turn over the mattress and place the other cover on the other side.  If you want to make it a permanent cover for the mattress simply attach the covers together either by sewing or using bonding adhesive tapes used for fabrics.  If you plan to cover an outdoor daybed use a weather proof material or even vinyl covers to protect the mattress from the elements.   Next time, you are in New York, you don't have to be afraid of bringing back bedbugs, just have to worry about the flies instead.

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