Sunday, April 15, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

I had to help my dad destroy his concrete wall used for storing items in his yard.  Truth be told that concrete fence made out of blocks, had seen better days.  It is expensive and time consuming to get rid of those heavy blocks, so I upcycled them.

I took these concrete blocks and used some tile pieces to create a planter base for larger pots. 

I have a few more ideas to reuse these blocks such as using glow in the dark lexan stars and creating a border along the planting beds.   

The planter base was easy to make, I used some left over tile I had from a flooring project, all I did was get premixed thinset mortar and linen colored grout.   I used two 12x 12 tiles for the concrete block, then used some spanish tile along with left over mosaic tile for the edges of the block. 

Don't get rid of items that might be damaged or considered dated; reuse it in a diffferent way or if you can't  donate items or give it to someone that will find a way to upcycle  these items.

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