Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upcycled Revamped Computer Table

My computer table which I have owned over 20 years really looked its age. I decided to paint and keep it another 20 years. I took white and black paint that I already had and mixed these two colors and got a mauve purple color. I was going for gray but I wasn't sure what colors to mix to get that color, next time I'l try blue and white. I loved the color and the shabby chic , slash vintagy effect it gave the computer cart. After priming the table white and painting the table purple; I let it dry for two days. I sanded the table around the legs, the edges, and the top of the cart to get a worn effect. I loved how the computer table came out, I expected the purple to be sort of a barneyish (as in Barney the Dinosaur) tone but it was more of a grape light color, really shabby chic.

Revamped Computer Table

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