Friday, June 22, 2012

I am actually growing edible vegetables, who knew

As I plant seeds and purchase vegetable plants at Lowes,  I can't believe that the vegetables are actually growing big enough to eat.  I had some success with earlier vegetables I planted but never did it grow so big without the insects getting to them first.  

I purchased these beefstock tomato seeds from Burpee for 3.25.   I went to Lowes and purchased three cabbage plants, one tomato, three eggplants and three pepper plants. 

My neighbor who grows vegetables had given me herb plants such as cilantro, and pidgeon peas.  My neighbors have given me advice and we even give and swap vegetables.  I gave them beefstock huge tomatos and they gave me corn, which they successfully grew in their back yard.

Here are some amazing photos of my garden vegetables.

 The burpee seeds germinate within 70 days, they need lots of sun and water, when tomatos are really big remove them from plant to let ripen on counter to save them from insects and worms. Grow the tomatos in large containers and planters.  Growing the tomatos in the ground attract too many worms and insects even with organic fertilizers and insectizides.

 The cabbage plants grew after three months, I use miracle grow plant food and lots of water

This was a spanish pepper called ajes and it was given to me by my neighbor and it grew, so far only one small lone pepper

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