Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homemade Plaintains

Home made fried plaintains are great sides with pork chops or beefsteak (in spanish emapnada), when you fry cube beefsteak in flour batter.   There are two types of plaintains, there are the sweet yellow ripe bananas that have a sweet flavor to them when you fry it and are great for breakfast.  Green plaintains are not sweet but are delicious when flavored with garlic and if fried thinly resemble plaintain chips.   These plaintains are cut on a diagonal and  not too thick.  If you have a deep fryer or a deep large skillet  add oil to cover the entire plaintains add garlic powder and pinch of salt to plaintains.  As soon as the plaintains brown slightly take them out and press them with the plaintain peel or skin to flatten slightly then place in oil again.  Leave in until plaintains are crispy, eat them when they are warm.  Great with a garlic butter sauce and porkchops and lettuce tomato salad.  These are great sides with rice as well.  Sweet plaintains are great and cooked the same way, only that these plaintains are better with scrambled eggs and breakfast items such as corn beef hash.  At least I like to eat these with these items.

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