Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free ideas on decorating

There are many creative ways to save money by getting good ideas from home decorating sites and magazines.  House Beautiful, HGTV and BHG are sites that show rooms as galleries. By viewing the decorating sites, the photos of these rooms can inspire the user to create similar room with less expensive items. 

Many room styles repeat or come back in fashion by having some of those elements crossover into this modern day style.  An example: During the 1980's, many elements of the 1960's came back in fashion and in home decorating. 

Today, in modern decor, some elements of the 1950's fit in today's decor because 50's elements have a lot of clean lines, chrome, steel, teak woods.  Danish 50's furniture is very collectible and functional in modern decor.

Finding inspiration for decorating ideas, then locating similar furniture and accessories at Thrift Stores, outlet stores, liquidation sales. 

Have your dream home or room on your budget and don't have to purchase any magazines to do it.  Be Creative and yourself in your decorating, can't go wrong.

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