Friday, September 14, 2012

Save energy in the summer

In the summer, its easy to save energy by air drying washed clothing, using the propane grill and turning off the water heater a few days during the months. The summer weather brings warmer water during this climate. Using this method, my water bill is reduced by 80.00 a month. It is important to clean the air conditioner inside coils once a year. Changing the air filters on the airconditioner once a month really does make a difference in that utility bill. Caulking all of the windows once a year with silicone caulking to seal any drafts and keep insects out .

 These tips actually work and it is noticeable on the very next utility bill, the first time I tried all of these methods at once, my electric bill went from 275.00 to 112.00. Now on average my bill is about 125.00 and the highest was 135.00 a few months ago. When I turn off the water heater for a few days during the month, it drops to 118.00 on average. Energy conservation helps the environment and your pocket book .

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