Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is happiness

According to the Merriam -Webster dictionary the definitions of happiness is a state of well being and contentment; and a pleasurable and satisfying experience.  If the average person is asked if they are happy, some would say "yes".  Many would not know how to answer the question; because some would say that happy is a type of mood more than a general state of being.  Moods change depending upon life situations sometimes a person is happy, or sometimes sad.  This question seems easy to answer but it's more complex than it seems, what is happiness?  

Can a person really know happiness or do they think they are really happy?  Most people consider themselves content with what they have but think that having more money would make  their lives better and happier.  Not everyone has the same definition of happiness or the same opinion of what makes them happy; some would prefer to have an exciting career, or a fulfilling career that makes a difference in the world.  Others prefer to be well known or leave a legacy for their future generations.  To know happiness one has to truly know what that person wants in life and how it makes them happy.  To be happy is be honest about it without reservations and further thought.  Sharing my writings, ideas, thoughts,  and photos makes me happy.  What makes you happy?

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