Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shower curtain folding chair makeover

The vinyl on the chair became damaged and had to be changed. On a limited budget, I used what I had on hand; a vinyl white shower curtain. Using the seat as a template, I left about four inches on all four sides of the chair and cut around the seat. I placed the seat with the top facing down on the cut piece of vinyl, then I took one side and stapled it with 15.00 manual staple gun, until I did it on all sides pulling the vinyl tightly on each side. 

I placed the seat back on the folding chair frame, then I left the brown color vinyl that was in tact for the back of the folding chair. I used a plain white vinyl shower curtain liner but there are vinyl shower curtains that have printed designs so cover both the seat and the back.

Duct tape fixes a lot of things including folding chairs

Duct tape the corner

Duct tape the front corner

vinyl white curtain liner

Used vinyl white curtain liner to cover chair

Stapled the vinyl cover onto chair

Completed folding chair

Vinyl shower curtain liner covered chair

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