Monday, July 15, 2013

Should I Replace or Keep old appliances for environment?

This is a dilemma; on one hand you may have vintage appliances that still work well , but are outdated by energy efficiency standards. Although, these appliances are still working well after fifteen years; sometimes the cost of potential savings in energy costs might make the cost of replacing these appliances more acceptable in the long run. 

My opinion is in terms of what is good for the overall environment; both choices are equal in savings. If you keep the vintage appliances that are still working, you are keeping this item out of a landfill which aids the environment by keeping toxins out of air or ground soil.

In my personal opinion, keeping old working appliances until they stop working is the best option for both saving the environment and your budget.  

My personal example of how older appliances if well maintained can last for years; was when my mother owned a GE washing machine that she bought in 1975. This washing machine continued to work until 1993.  She had to replace the hoses twice in all of the years she had it. The motor finally burned out and she purchased a newer smaller portable washing machine designed for apartment living. 

The best method to save the environment is to keep items for a longer period of time and to keep them out of landfills. There are other measures taken to save energy by unplugging appliances and electronics after each use.  Research which appliances will give maximum energy savings return long term.    

A blog reader shared her comment agreeing with me on holding on to older dated appliances even though she said it is difficult to keep her dated avocado green appliances.   When appliances are dated and still work, the best way to address dated colors on appliances. Is to decorate or cover these appliances with creative magnetic art boards.  Walter Drake or Lillian Vernon sites have these magnetic art boards that cover the refrigerator and the dishwasher, some have a rooster design or a patriotic design.  It is a unique creative inexpensive method to hide the appliance color.  These catalogs offer peel stick on stainless steel adhesive paper to cover these appliances. This item is great on dishwashers.

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