Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to find local grocery deals in Ocala

How to find local grocery deals in Ocala

The best method to find deals on groceries is to search online for local supermarkets that have websites for example like Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, Sav-a-Lot and Dollar General.  Search on Google search engine and type in the names of these super markets and links will appear to their pages.  Many of these sites include the weekly circulars offering the specials for the week and is a great reference source for comparing prices on specific items.  I always search the circulars before purchasing food items to get the best deals.  Finding the best prices along with the use of food manufacturers coupons can save a person's weekly budget.  Yesterday, I went to Sav-A-Lot on Hwy 200 in Steeple chase plaza, and their prices on items like Ham and chicken legs were .99 a pound.  I got a 9 pound ham for about 8.82 and two family packs of chicken drumsticks for about 3.92 and 4.22 about 8.14 cents combined.  Five pound Domino sugar was about 1.99 and at the dollar general it was 2.50 for a 3 pound generic brand.  There are some items cheaper at different supermarkets; another example is the Dollar general store that has the best prices on cereals, soups, spices and household cleaning agents.  

I came across this nice site that allows for users to go online and place their zip code to get prices of groceries from local area supermarkets all on one site and it has other free features such as coupons, and online grocery list.  The site is mygrocerydeals  the site offers free membership and must register to get free benefits of site. 

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