Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Green house in a tan neighborhood

There is always one house in the neighborhood that stands out from the rest, either by color choice or landscape or even home design. There is nothing wrong with homeowners making their homes stand out differently in the community, because it allows for individuality and creativity to be demonstrated within the neighborhood.

Homes are designed to be similar especially where in a development that have HOA's restrictions prohibiting drastic changes that differentiate any homes from their uniform design. There are subtle methods to really make your home stand out without investing too much money or violating any of HOA's guidelines. 

Instead of using color on the home exterior consider using it around the outside of the home with colorful planters, unique one of a kind yard art. Paint wall plaques, water fountains, garden planters that are bright and bold and complement the exterior color of the home. Use chalk board paint in colors on the planters and it will allow the homeowner to write on the planter directly and leave messages for visitors or even label your plants. There are so many unique ideas that can be achieved with this chalk board paint medium to create unique art. This idea allows the homeowner to change colors around and not let it become permanent, if they don't like it after awhile.

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