Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Lights In Pine Run 2013

Some of the neighbors in Pine Run have really nice light displays.

Beautiful home decked in lights

Most decorated and lighted in Pine Run

Very beautiful 

Blue Christmas tree

Color changing Christmas tree on water

oh, the lights 

Full Moon 

I can see Jupiter from my house

All lighted up

                                        Beautiful lights all around


                                            Winter wonderland

                                     Glowing snowman


Reindeer and snowman figures

   Sitting out on porch during unusually warm holiday season.

Dad hanging out on porch admiring neighbor hood lights

   This is my sideways loaded photo Christmas tree, the other photo is a bit better

                                       Our Christmas tree

                                                   Ole Christmas tree ole Christmas tree

                                                      Fully lighted up

                                        Pier one holiday ornament wreath

                                               Love the lights

                                             The best home on the block

                                                Lighted doorway

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