Monday, March 24, 2014

How To make A Scrap Book Journal

A scrap book journal is a creative combination of creating or making a scrapbook and a journal. I have been writing in a journal for over 10 years. I think its a great way to write about dreams, goals, documents events. I had created a scrapbook where I kept photos and newspaper clippings about important events in history like 911, the election of the First Black President Obama in 2008. After I had kept a separate journal for many years, I decided to start a scrap book journal. I will start to combine both of these items in one journal as a fun interesting way to create and document personal and current history. There are creative ways to write in a journal such as using colored pens and pencils by adding drawings, adding stickers, or tickets to events in the journal. Add newspaper articles on important events to the journal. Remember, that this is a creative fun expressive outlet to de stress and to allow your writing skills to improve.

Christmas in Ocala town square 2013

The Founding fathers of our country would turn over in their graves if they saw Congress today.


The stadium that was to be but will never be built in Ocala.

Scrapbook articles of interest

50th anniversary of JFK memorial


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