Friday, March 21, 2014

Stop the TransCanada KeyStone XL Pipeline

The media has failed to inform the general public about the real terms of this pipeline. At first, I was like many who supported the idea of being energy independent and using our allies and neighbor's oil instead of Middle eastern and Venezuelan exports. As more facts began to become exposed; including that the oil from Canada would actually go through the pipeline to the gulf to be exported to China and Europe. America would not get the oil; meanwhile assuming all of the environmental risk and damage of this tar sands oil which is dirtier and heavier than petroleum oil to the environment. The pipe line would be built over a natural aquifer which is the largest and cleanest in Nebraska. Nebraskans such as farmers and ranchers have led the fight against Trans Canada Keystone Pipe line that are afraid of the potential of a pipe line leak that could damage the aquifer and all of the natural clean resources in that region. Trans Canada and GOP conservative politicians from Nebraska and the Dakotas which have had a pipeline leak from this oil company; have lied to the public stating that many jobs would be created. The truth is that about 300 temporary jobs for the construction of pipe line would be created and 35 permanent jobs to monitor and run the pipe line operations would be created. Constituents have been sent emails stating that their energy costs would increase if the pipe line were not built. This is the reason why Americans have lost trust in their own government. The people being better informed due to social media and 24 hour news coverage; are armed with knowledge that can no longer be hidden behind closed door committees. President Obama ultimately has to decide on this pipe line; but I hope that those outraged farmers and ranchers in Nebraska hold their local politicians accountable for not listening to their own voters in 2014.

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