Thursday, March 20, 2014

Voting and Democracy under attack in the U.S. 2014

Today, Kansas and Arizona won a voting suppression measure when a federal Judge upheld that these states could require proof of citizenship for new voters.  This decision would require that new voters show a passport or a birth certificate when registering to vote.  The GOP and conservatives have long cited nonexistent voter fraud from voter rolls to attack the rights of minorities, woman, elderly and students to keep them from voting.  The only problem is that in their zeal to suppress minority voters, they have opened the door for the erosion of Congress' power to protect voting rights. In my opinion, is what Conservatives have wanted to do for a long time; but being the political group attached to undermining the Civil Rights Act of 1965 is not a winner for them long term.  The federal judge decided in favor of the GOP  State Attorney General's that placed this lawsuit by stating that the U.S. Constitution gives states the power to set voter qualifications. This sets a dangerous precedent because it could end  the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and go back to pre-1960s voting laws in areas like the South, which had literacy tests to vote, or poll taxes, under this ruling this could happen, by setting a two tier system again for voting rights. We are going back in time, I feel as if I am in an episode of Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone and we are heading to a GOP nostalgic mad men world.   Right now, these laws are designed to disenfranchise Democratic, and Independent voters.  The US constitution grants Americans the right to vote, but it does not guarantee the right to vote.  These laws open the door to States that want to keep Americans from voting, now its one group, soon its another group before long its your group. One GOP lawmaker actually said that the original framers of Constitution intended for land owners to vote since they paid property taxes.  That is why every American should be outraged and disgusted at politicians who can't win with ideas, or good policies instead go the route of voter suppression. 

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