Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Conservative Talk Radio monopoly has brainwashed their listeners?

Since the 1990s, conservative talk radio has become a monopoly on the airwaves under the acquisition of Clear communications. This right wing Radio conglomerate owns over 850 radio stations around the U.S. buying radio stations across the country in all different markets. Clear communications has been allowed to purchase both liberal and conservative radio stations and then eliminate the opposing liberal viewpoint from radio airwaves citing that liberal shows are not profitable. Their agenda is clear to become one of the largest conservative radio conglomerates in the U.S which they are; they have been allowed to turn liberal talk shows into sports radio channels and expand Conservative Talk radio nationally. An example of their limited viewpoints expressed was the censoring of the Dixie Chicks music across radio stations when the band spoke against Iraq war and President Bush. Ironically, the band was right as proven years later. On the other hand, same conglomerate has no problem showcasing Ted Nugent on their talk radio shows and playing his bad music on airwaves. No backlash or consequences because their radio talk shows helped create the same ultra right wing conservatives that have been brainwashed by the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh for years. If America hears crazy right wing conservative rhetoric everyday for years not realizing these guys on talk radio do this for ratings and for money; not because they believe in any of these views.  Folks, these talk radio people believe in high ratings, high advertising revenue and the money they make from their show and their books, that's it. As soon as their radio show followers understand that the GOP might be able to regain rational support for good sound policies and stop catering to irrational base.

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