Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Have You visited Ocala Florida lately?

Ocala Florida is a central Florida city with history, charm, horse farms, Silver Springs National park, and the Appleton Museum.  

Ocala Florida has amazing shopping and dining areas.There are eateries on every block along Hwy 200 corridor and great shops which include big and small local shops.  If you enjoy antique thrift shopping you might like the white elephant and tumbleweed on the square.

There are some other attractions in the area and many events scheduled during the year in the town square area of Ocala.    

 Ocala, Florida is the seasonal home of John Travolta and his family.  

This city is very scenic and is two hours away from Orlando and about an hour an a half from Tampa, Florida. 

The town square area known as Brick City is where the original building structures were rebuilt after all were burnt down with a fire in the 1883 on Thanksgiving Day.  The new buildings were built with bricks and stones and the buildings still stand today.  
 First Friday art walk takes place on the First Friday of each month.  It is a free event. It is held from September to May from 6 to 9 pm. First Friday art walk is located at 1 SE Broadway St. At Ocala Florida.  The event covers artist displays, live entertainment and free family art activities.  There are extended shopping hours for shops on the square in the historic down town Ocala area. 

A few years ago, Ocala commissioned artists to create these beautiful horse statues all over the city, many buildings have these statues around them such as Advent hospital in Ocala. I had taken this photo of this horse statue in the town square around the gazebo area where there were four statues on the four corners.  

These statues are just so pretty.

Horse Statue in Ocala Town Square

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